Good Neighbors Shirts: new in from Japan!

A genderless shirt collection #formodernhumans

To all beautiful design lovers, the Japanese brand Good Neighbors Shirts is here in Milano!

We are particularly fond of Japanese designers because we appreciate their obsessive attention to detail. Above all, their particular take on fashion depicts an innovative but never aggressive image. There’s a sense of sophisticated coolness in their culture and vision of style. Yes, we know Japanese fashion has passionate fans in the Western world. So we’re happy to share information with you.

Good Neighbors Shirts: brand background

After graduating from Tama Art University Textile Design Department, Akira Aoki has collaborated with various brands. In 2009 he opened his design office, Four Graphic, where he works for global brands and as an artist. In 2018, he started the Good Neighbors Shirt brand being a designer who loves shirts throughout the year.

Good Neighbors Shirts: genderless shirts new in from Japan
Good Neighbors Shirts

Indeed, the collection offers the concept of the “7 DAYS SHIRT“, pieces you can wear comfortably every day like a good partner. Music and art as a source of inspiration are palpable. Also, the approach to colour and style is contemporary and edgy. The manufacturing process does not use fossil fuels as much as possible. Specifically, the hands of skilful craftsmen based in Tokyo make the production.

Now in Milano!

Finally, today we received a lovely box all decorated with cats! Best box ever! And we immediately checked all the garments: the design, details, and quality are excellent.

These well-tailored shirts with a genderless image are modern and stylish. All the items have a contrast band along the back, which is detachable, and you can use it as a belt or as you like. Also, all the shirts have a pocket, on the right side, for your phone or wallet.

Good Neighbors Shirts are modern uniforms for a minimal lifestyle. Contact us (by email or WhatsApp) to know more!
We’d love to help!

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