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A shared vision

Shop small and independent represents thoughtful choices to reclaim a sense of value. For you, but for us too. Indeed, supporting similar activities means being aligned. And sharing a vision of the world we want to live in. We contribute to defining the world by voting with our pockets. How we spend our money or don’t spend it at all – which in many cases would be great – shapes the world. And we do it all together.

For instance, we could argue against overconsumption and then offer you the same brands which are on top thanks to that production model. Instead, we prefer to do our own research and find value outside the beaten path. In fact, consistency is a value we believe in. Therefore we search for uniqueness.

Anmi: a brand with a fascinating background

shop small and independent
Anmi collections

Thinking about jewellery, the idea of supporting Anmi totally resonated with us, with the new path we have undertaken. An Italian brand located near the magical Pompeii, the ancient Roman city in Campania, close to Naples and Vesuvius. A designer with a long history in the fashion field, between Italy and France.

Exploring the Anmi archive to assemble unique pieces of jewellery was fascinating and modern at the same time. It was like going through a process and realizing that the time was ready. Sometimes we would even stop, because it made sense for a while — but always with the intention of taking a different direction.

shop small and independent
Anmi collections

The archive is vast, and what once was considered a fashion leftover regained its value fulfilling the desire for uniqueness. In this line, the concept of asymmetry stands out. Also, the packaging is minimal on purpose.

Being mindful of your consumption doesn’t mean “buy nothing” at all. It’s more about making intentional and conscious choices.
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Please, request your Anmi jewellery piece via email or DM.

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