Fashion in the metaverse

The final frontier of business

While billionaires are busy conquering Mars and developing Space tourism, fashion moves the first steps into the metaverse.

Life on Mars?

We are boiling planet earth. Issues here are appalling: climate change, modern-day slavery, poverty. An impressive number of people have no access to water and food – which are basic needs. Plus, a pandemic. And what do they do? They plan to go to Mars!

Well, those billionaires could bring their contribution to solve problems here, in order to ensure a better life on planet earth. But instead of helping humans, they plan to move somewhere else. Develop space tourism and more pollution, consequently. Though, they are the same who advertise sustainable practices of their terrestrial businesses.

Mars doesn’t even seem a nice place to be. So it’s not understood what kind of alternative they are envisioning. These expeditions produce zero scientific value, just 100% business.
To use Eckhart Tolle words: “I call it intelligence in service of madness.”

In parallel to Space colonization, what happens in the fashion field?

Fashion brands are launching clothing, handbags and accessories for the metaverse. What may seem unmissable for the early adopters, who would even jump off a cliff to parade their coolness, in truth, sends alarming messages. Capitalism enters into the metaverse. It’s hard not to imagine any social and environmental cost related to that.

The illusion of consumption

At least a couple of thoughts jump to our minds.
This is what brands tell us: if you cannot afford our stuff in real life, you can buy them in a fake environment. An easy way to pretend to be rich! Also, there is a manipulation to overconsume. Since we aren’t consuming enough in real life, brands call us to do it in an imaginary place by reinforcing the physical model.
The need to show off one’s status isn’t elegant and scarcely appreciable in real life. Doing it in a fake environment only doubles the illusion of status and consumption.

Is it the world we want?

Prof. Emilio Gentile, an Italian historian, said on tv at Passato e Presente:

“that is modernity, the horrendous can coexist with the marvellous.”

We believe that a conscious lifestyle on our marvellous planet earth is worth more than any Mars or fake universe.

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