Bikini bottoms controversy & questioning the rules

The Norwegian beach handball female team got fined for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms in the European tournament match against Spain in Bulgaria.

In order to protest against the regulations of the sport, the female team wore thigh-length elastic shorts. Which, although not impeding any movement, were considered “improper clothing.”

Here is what the International Handball Federation regulations state. Straight to the point:

Tops: “…The women’s tops (a midriff design) must be close fitting…”

Bottoms: “Female athletes must wear bikini bottoms with a close fit and cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg. The side width must be of a maximum of 10 centimetres.”

When it comes to gender stereotypes and sexism, there is no difference from one field to another.

In sports, they are counting the centimetres of uniforms.
Likewise, in fashion, they ask designers to make clothes that unveil more or stick to the body – because this is what women want.
So they say, and actually, it is what sells more. Therefore, it must be true.
In fact, after 25 years in fashion, we can confirm that there is a specific request for this kind of clothing.

People say: that is what women want. Indeed, they accept it. Otherwise, they would protest.

Finally, someone did! Norwegian hand volley team, we thank you and support you!

The time has come to start questioning anything.
Everything related to society standards, which involves sexism, gender stereotypes and equality, needs immediate attention.

Stop bla bla bla. It is time to take action.

Go, ladies. Brave!

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Racism is not an option

In case we need to say it clearly, racism is not an option!
Every now and then, we feel the urge to step off the carved path of the trails. Please, allow us to do that. There are moments in which only talking about fashion is not enough. We do not live in a bubble, so it’s impossible not to look at what happens around us and not be affected.

Moreover, we have always been very open to discussions in our physical boutique, and the same is true in our online community.

Paola Egonu is a great Italian athlete chosen to carry the Olympic flag in Tokyo. She also became a testimonial for Armani.
But, forgetting the fact that she is a real champion, one of the strongest volley players in the world, a group of people have found reasons to complain. Why did they consider it compelling to bring their views to the table? First, she is black. And, second, she had no problem talking about being in love with a woman.
Neither of the points is relevant to her sports abilities or has any connection to sport values. Neither is any of our business.
We should be proud of the champion she is. And that’s final.

Meanwhile, we acknowledge that in Voghera, a League safety councillor has killed a Moroccan man. The immigrant punched him, he replied by shooting him dead. In his defence, he said that the gun fired accidentally. But why was he carrying a gun? And what if the aggressor was Italian?

The reason we address these realities is simple.
In short, that is not the world we want to live in.

We are promoting a community for modern humans – based on mutual respect, acceptance and understanding.

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental values.

It’s important to state it clearly.
If you are racist or homophobe, this is not the place for you.

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