The Printed Tunic

A timeless floral print #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Printed Tunic by Sabáto Russo.

This Spring-Summer garment is a wardrobe staple featuring a timeless aesthetic and refined elegance. Also, its minimalist design makes it versatile and, therefore, suitable for multiple occasions. 

Sabáto Russo is an Italian designer whose vision of fashion takes inspiration from Japan, its linearity and its pureness of forms. Indeed, the understated glamour of this long fluid floral print dress underlines a quiet luxury image. Which is about choosing meaningful garments, and good design, not logoed items. And so, it reveals an effortless elegance through an incomparable style. 

Discover The Printed Tunic

About the design
This garment is designed as a tunic shirt dress with a collar, front button closure and long sleeves. Straight cut floor length printed dress, fluid silhouette and relaxed fit. The design is minimal and essential, highlighting a sense of timeless elegance.

The Printed Tunic

About the colour
Yellow print – exclusive digital print design for the brand. Specifically, it is a multicolour yellow flowered with a touch of khaki and white. In other words, a refined combination that adds a special twist to your summer style.

About the material
100% recycled polyester: fluid, fresh and soft hand-feel.

Dry clean.

Styling tips
The “less is more” aesthetic highlights the essence of style, making The Printed Tunic dress the perfect addition to your Spring-Summer outfits. Pair it with heels for formal occasions. But we love it with flat shoes, too. Also, it works unbuttoned waist down over pants. Or unbuttoned, rolled-up sleeves over a slip dress or a bikini for your summer nights. 

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We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

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Quiet luxury: brands with no logo

Tired of logomania?

Fashion style shifts towards quiet luxury – or brands showing no logo. Indeed, the world is awash in exposed brand names, overwhelming communication, and a polluting oversupply of clothes. Too much. And people end up seeing logos everywhere. Perhaps to the point of making them feel sick. Eventually, it seems some are changing perspectives.

Logomania vs quiet luxury

The logomania represents the triumph of capitalism in the fashion system, which fostered a consumerist and shallow taste. Logos are easy to market because they are recognised easily, and people identify with them. Although these items still have a big market in the fashion industry, some people are getting tired. Indeed, logo-emblazoned pieces provide (fake) status symbols rather than true style. So emerges the need for an understated luxury far from the need to show off.

Quality over quantity

Since we changed our perspective of the world because of the pandemic, climate change has become a priority. Consequently, our approach to fashion changed as well. We are not involved in trends anymore, but this understated style resonates with us. In fact, it’s nothing new! It’s the vision of fashion we have promoted for years.
This conscious approach implies a dramatic reduction of consumption, refusing standardised clothing and mass production. However, to us, it’s not a way to sell more. On the contrary, it’s a radical choice that goes to the essential. It’s about quality over quantity, choosing good design, timeless pieces you’ll wear for a lifetime. In a few words: buy less, buy better.

Quiet luxury: style, not logos

Quiet luxury is a minimal chic style, but it doesn’t refer to basic garments only. Developed around the concept of less is more, this evolved luxury is about wardrobe staples with a strong sense of design. In other words, accurate silhouettes, quality fabrics, and exquisite tailoring. Assembled to depict a sense of elegant ease.

Quiet luxury is minimalistic, modern and timeless. Though one must have a trained eye to recognise these garments, logoless items are for people who have nothing to prove. But the sense of effortless elegance reveals an incomparable style.

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