Who wore who? Who cares!

Met Gala, the celebrities’ circus

‘Who wore who’ is the question we avoid these days. Specifically, we have considerable misgivings about the Met Gala as we can’t see the glamour or elegance. Indeed, this annual gathering of celebrities organised by Vogue looks more like a circus.

The Met Gala is a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York City, which marks the opening of the Institute’s annual fashion exhibition. Known as the “fashion’s biggest night,” it aims to represent the fashion universe.

The theme of the 2023 edition was “in honour of Karl.” Lagerfeld, of course. Though every year faces its own controversy, the event went out of hand.

Met Gala & Who wore what

We see two main issues:
First, people expect to see a representation of fashion, style, and glamour. Just, we haven’t seen any of that. Although we can pick out a few nice outfits every year, choosing the best-dressed, the whole thing is gross, excessive. And it feels sad to see fashion depicted like that. Moreover, we are surprised because even the actors that usually have an elegant posture, lose it at the gala.

Second, brands pay celebrities to wear their clothes because, by doing so, they influence the masses to purchase their products. But this contributes to sustaining a toxic culture, pushing people to compare themselves to an unattainable lifestyle.
How do celebrities choose one brand or the other? Who writes the highest figure cheque; that’s the one they pick. Forget any style choice!
Most importantly, the “celebrity cost” is absorbed in the retail price of clothing, shoes, and handbags. Therefore, it will be borne by those who purchase branded garments. The irony is that people sustain the lifestyle of their idols, who can afford to pay for luxury clothes even without brands’ contribution.

In short, celebs pay to attend the gala while getting paid by brands to wear their clothes. It’s a celebrities’ circus!

But why are people supporting this? That is the point!
Who wore who? Who cares!

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The Met Gala circus

Bad taste portrayed

People may think that events such as Met Gala offer hints of elegance. Please, forget it. Raised eyebrows were our reaction to viewing the pictures, not for facial gymnastics but as a sign of perplexity. What’s the point of that insane parade?

Our last post was about elegance, what went wrong with it, why bad taste prevailed, and here comes the Met Gala to present further suggestions.

Met Gala – What is it?

Born for the purpose of charity, Met Gala is the annual fundraising event of the Costume Institute Gala by the New York Metropolitan Museum Of Art. Every year there’s a different theme, and so the guests have to dress for that theme.

The problem is that dressing to a theme got out of hand. So now we see celebrities dressed as clowns whose unspoken message is a cry for attention, an attitude that resembles social media communication. And so, even if the charitable purpose is worthy, the sad show offered by the clownesque looks makes it seem paradoxical.

Tom Ford, who showed up in a classic black tailcoat, said: “I don’t really do themes”. Also, he declared that the event turned “into a costume party”. We couldn’t agree more. Tom Ford’s words were really on point. Like his outfit, which was impeccable. Elegant indeed.

Lately, the Met Gala looks recalled more of the “Carnevale di Viareggio” rather than a stylish event. (Side note: Carnevale di Viareggio is one of the biggest carnival shows in Italy and the world).

Finally, we go back to the point: elegance is dead, and there are no style icons. In other words, we are in the bad taste era, where the language that dominates is the social media language, and the need to impress others is all that counts.

Met Gala? Elegance has nothing to do with that.

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