The Fringe Maxi Shirt

Genderless fashion #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Fringe Maxi Shirt by Meagratia.

The image of this long shirt, with fringed trimming decoration, is unique and elegant. But it’s easy to wear. Since the ribbon is tone-on-tone, it features a refined monochrome pattern, which adds beautiful detailing while being delicate.

The designer creates pieces with a soul: genderless, timeless, and wearable. In fact, Meagratia’s style is special and detailed but never excessive. And this vision perfectly reflects in his capsule collection. Indeed, the Meagratia collection shows a clear idea of fashion without making too many pieces, which would be pointless from a sustainable viewpoint. Plus an excellent artisanal quality.

Discover The Fringe Maxi Shirt

About the design
Band collar shirtdress with two side slits. A yoke on the shoulders defines a comfortable fit. The design point is a rich fringed tone-on-tone trimming which embellishes the shirt along the shoulders, top front and cuffs. Specifically, the knit fringes are original and made of a special material, cut into tapes and knitted. Meagratia uses typewriter fabric (Japanese poplin cotton) that is slightly thin, supple and has a firm texture.

The Fringe Maxi Shirt
The Fringe Maxi Shirt by Meagratia

About the material
100% cotton: Japanese poplin cotton.

About the colour
Off-white base mixed with tone-on-tone decoration. The colour arrangement is elegant.

Hand wash
Do not Bleach – Do not tumble dry – Iron medium(Use press cloth)
Dry clean: any solvent except Trichloroethylene

Styling tips
The Fringe Maxi Shirt looks well over black, khaki trousers or jeans. Because of its richness, you can wear it for special occasions too. Indeed, it’s a meaningful garment you can wear throughout the year. During the summer season, wear it as a dress and pair it with flat sandals or heels, depending on the occasion.

How to purchase from us:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience – physical or via video call. 

International Shipping available! 

We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

In order to provide unicity and a sustainable approach, our selection offers a limited number of pieces.

Treat yourself today! ❤️

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The Mannish Shirt

In the mood for a relaxed elegance

The mannish shirt is a wardrobe essential. When it comes to timeless fashion, you cannot miss some good shirts to complete your capsule wardrobe. Classic or casual, shirts are garments designed for life. Above all, they add a stylish edge to your outfits.

The Mannish shirt & contemporary fashion

Slim volumes – too close to the body, aren’t a style we like, so we tend to choose slightly oversized to oversized fit. Indeed, grabbing the shirts directly from a man’s closet is one of the best options. The mannish fit is more comfortable, and the silhouette looks modern and fresh.

In the mood for shirts, we selected Good Neighbors Shirts from Japan. We love its unisex designs, a style everyone can wear and make personal by revealing their personality.

However, we suggest starting with the check flannel shirts.

The Mannish Shirt
The Flannel Check Button Down Shirt – by Good Neighbors Shirts

1- The Flannel Button Down Shirt
2- The Flannel Mao Collar Shirt
3- The Flannel Maxi Shirt

These pieces come in check print (beige, black and white). While The Maxi Shirt is available in camouflage, too (100% cotton).

Good Neighbors Shirts: the design point

These well-tailored shirts come with a rubber band along the back, it is detachable, and you can wear them as a belt or as you like. Also, all the shirts have a pocket, on the right side, for your phone or wallet.

Styling tips
For preppy style lovers, layer your shirt underneath a sweater. You can wear The Maxi Shirt as a shirtdress or lightweight coat for the change of the season. Also, you can try these casual items to tone down some statement pieces of clothing in a modern mix-and-match. But we love these pieces as an overshirt with a basic t-shirt underneath and straight-leg trousers.

The Mannish shirt, a relaxed elegance #formodernhumans

Check out Good Neighbors Shirts!
Drop us an email, WhatsApp or comment here below to know more!

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Heading to the beach – The maxi shirt dress

Thinking about beach style gives a sense of joy and freedom. Indeed, getting ready for a holiday at the seaside sounds so good.

But to rock the perfect beach style, do we need to change our clothing completely?

We do not think so. In fact, it’s just a matter of styling the pieces in different ways and playing with the accessories.

For instance, take the maxi shirt dress. The ultimate seasonless item, it is one of the most versatile pieces. Its soft texture and shaped silhouette are absolutely unique.

In town, it is easy to match in a perfect layering style. Wear it with a pair of jeans, a skirt or try it unbuttoned on a dress, adding a belt to complete the look. When the weather is cold, the options are a top or turtleneck underneath or a cardigan over.

But at the seaside, when the sun shines, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, button-up only the top buttons, and match it with a pair of shorts and flat sandals. So, you are ready for a walk in the village.
Are you going to lunch at the beach? Wear the maxi shirt dress totally unbuttoned over your swimsuit. And don’t forget a straw hat.

There are garments worth investing in. And the maxi shirt dress is one of those.

We don’t need to buy tons of items. We need fewer pieces, but good quality.

Finally, in case you cannot buy our maxi shirt dress, this is our style advice. Take a shirt from your husband, boyfriend or father’s wardrobe. That oversized fit makes it so cool!

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