The Fashion We Love

The Alternative Choice For Modern Humans

At the heart of our manifesto lies a simple truth: the fashion we love embodies values beyond mere aesthetics. More specifically, the aesthetics reflect the values.

The fashion we love
Marc Le Bihan dress

The fashion we love is the reflection of independent minds, individuals who embrace a philosophy that transcends trends and superficiality. Individuals who think. In other words, fashion that captivates us serves as a mirror of autonomous spirits, those unique individuals who adopt a mindset that goes beyond the fleeting whims of trends and the shallowness often found in the industry. These are individuals who engage in deep thought, who ponder and question, and whose style is a testament to their intellectual independence.

The fashion we love is about embracing:

  • good design
  • quality materials
  • skilled tailoring and craftsmanship
  • couture in the heart
  • made-to-last
  • in limited quantities
  • ethical approach
  • respect for people
  • respect for the planet

In a few words, it’s about less, much less, but better. No quantity can ever replace the value of a well-made garment.

It’s a conscious choice to support brands that align with our principles, brands that make thoughtful garments. And by doing so, we contribute to making a change in the fashion industry. In other words, we contribute to a more ethical and sustainable industry.

In the end, you know what? The alternative exists! And it’s already here. Can’t you see it?

How to purchase our selection:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for orders or any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience in person or via video call.

International Shipping!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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Wishing a Meaningful End of the Year

On Gratitude, Style, and a Journey of ‘Less but Better’ in Fashion

As the curtains draw close on this year’s fashion journey, we pause to extend our deepest gratitude and wish you a meaningful end of the year.

Since 2006, our belief in an alternative fashion vision has been unwavering. This year, we’ve upheld our commitment to curate meaningful selections of independent designers, striving for quality over quantity and value over noise. No decoys, no endless proposals of garments, and no carnival barkers to fill you with pointless stuff. Among a fashion industry deafened by commercial noise, always clamouring for attention, our silent dedication stands strong.

Acknowledging our revolutionary business model in an industry flattened by business logic, we thank you for another year together. Your belief in our unconventional approach fuels our revolution. So, we extend our gratitude to our incredible audience, visionary designers, and cherished partners.

Celebrating niche designers

To the creative minds behind each stitch, sketch, and design that enriched our boutique selection, your work has left us endlessly inspired. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.
And thank you to the commercial partners who treated us with care and humanity.

Gratitude for your support

To every person who embraced our ethos and supported our boutique, you’ve been the backbone of our work. Your trust in our vision has allowed us to exist and offer an alternative narrative.

Above all, we are grateful to each person who purchased from us: we exist thanks to you. So, thank you for embracing our dedication to niche fashion and a ‘less but better’ lifestyle. Your purchases fuel our passion and purpose.

To our blog readers, followers, and contributors, your engagement elevates our discussions, making us all better humans. Thank you for joining us on this revolutionary journey, where value transcends the conventional norms.
Thank you for sharing your moments and thoughts with us.

As we bid farewell to this year, we do so with hearts full of gratitude. So, thank you for being an integral part of our story, for embracing our ethos, and for allowing us to continue shaping a unique narrative in the world of fashion.

Wishing you a meaningful end of the year! A beautiful conclusion and an even more inspiring beginning to the next.

suite123 team,
Ro, Cri and Thami

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The retail impasse

Fashion business: the therapeutic obstinacy for an almost-dead patient

The retail impasse and the problems emerging in fashion these days revolve around two main topics: late deliveries and markdown strategies. 

However, both issues are indicators of a fashion system that is basically dead, but everyone pretends not to see it. Or they refuse to accept it. So every operator in the field is on a kind of therapeutic obstinacy for a patient that is almost gone. And which, by the way, has a huge impact on the planet.

Two main points of the retail impasse

One: many stores have received a small percentage of the Spring-Summer pieces, which makes it complicated to assemble outfits. Why does this happen? Top brands monopolise good manufacturers. So smaller brands get materials late (for the same reason) and consequently are left as the last link of the chain. Therefore, they cannot deliver on time.

Two: markdown strategies and how to get rid of the stock in excess that stores keep purchasing. Even though retailers are perfectly aware that the number of people entering a store isn’t the same as in the pre-pandemic time, they don’t stop overstocking. Of course, it gets more complicated to sell discounted items! They are available online and offline throughout the year. Markdowns aren’t attractive anymore. And a discount isn’t the only reason people purchase a product.

The excessive stock policy is harmful to the planet and business. So, we must change it.

Can we find solutions to revive the fashion business?

These solutions need to experiment with new ways of operating the fashion business. 

First: a dramatic reduction in consumption! Let’s face reality: if we do not consume less, much less, we can forget to have a future. So, there’s no point in procrastinating the change.

Second: a shift to artisanal garments and made-to-order clothes and accessories, having the chance to reorder during the season. It’s about choosing tailoring over mass-produced garments – quality over quantity.

If we want to overcome the retail impasse, overtreating fashion with more overproduction will take us nowhere. We need a completely different strategy: it’s a matter of reducing the number of pieces while providing a higher value.
Less but better.

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The conscious people movement

The conscious people movement, under the hashtag #formodernhumans, joins and inspires people who want to make a change. It starts from fashion but it goes beyond that. Because style tells who we are, and so does our lifestyle.

One way or the other

It’s about making a choice: one way or the other.
Our thoughtless and short-sighted actions provoked climate change. And now extreme weather is a serious threat. Therefore, the idea that everything is fine and we can take whatever the industries try to sell is dead. Fashion, food, technology, lifestyle, everything needs to be revised.

In fact, old-time patterns, economic models and human behaviours aren’t sustainable anymore.

The choice: niche vs mass market

And so, the choice is niche or mass market. Quality or quantity. Unique fashion and good design vs fast fashion. Timeless and reusable vs disposable. Conscious consumption vs overconsumption. Circularity vs waste. Also, ethical business in order to put an end to modern-day slavery. In other words, Doughnut Economics (which is a groundbreaking book by the economist Kate Raworth, a must-read!) vs capitalism and infinite growth.

The conscious people movement #formodernhumans

Conscious people make a clear and radical choice: less but better is the starting point.

We really care about this matter, so we made our choice.
Now make yours.

It’s one way or the other!

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