Vitality: Meagratia FW24 Fashion Show

A Fusion of Poetic Elegance and Contemporary Coolness

Vitality is the theme explored by Meagratia in its FW24 fashion show presented during Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo. It was a runway spectacle that struck a chord, blending poetry, romance, and modernity seamlessly.

However, from the moment we delved into the world Takafumi Sekine has crafted, we were enamored. Meagratia’s distinctiveness, fueled by an unwavering commitment to detail and vintage aesthetics, sets it apart as a beacon of innovation.

Vitality: Meagratia FW24 season’s theme

“The ceaseless, unyielding pulse of a tender, fresh wound.
Emerald desires surged through the earth like rippling currents.
It’s as if instinct is blooming into a newfound vitality, threading through the spaces left by spun impulses.”

Vitality defines the FW24 season, reflecting humanity’s innate drive to flourish. Meagratia’s “Vitality” collection showcases diverse expressions. From jacquard patterns, reminiscent of patched denim scars on worn denim, to tweed, boasting a textured surface crafted through intricate spinning and weaving techniques. And knitwear featuring designs that capture the exuberance emanating from the heart.
Noteworthy, is the collaboration with George Cox – the original creeper – featuring a rubber sole adorned with original tweed fabric. A testament to the creativity and the tradition of subcultures merging harmoniously.

Meagratia: The show from Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Whogen’s piano melodies resonated from behind an angular glass enclosure with a mesmerizing interplay of shadows. Also, in front of this backdrop, plants delicately adorned the central stage, creating a runway for the models. The atmosphere exuded a captivating allure.

Embracing a genderless approach, both male and female models infused their unique essence into the clothing. Meagratia understands that style transcends gender norms, emphasising the importance of individuality in fashion. Indeed, clothes provide the style, but without the individual attitude that breathes life into them, they are like an empty box, incomplete.

The collection exudes subtle elegance and a refined demeanour that whispers rather than shouts. In fact, Meagratia’s style effortlessly adapts to diverse body shapes, embracing inclusivity and celebrating diversity.

Vitality, Meagratia FW24 fashion show offered a breath of fresh air and cool fashion #formodernhumans

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Fashion far from consumerism

Spring-summer 23: bringing back meaning

Can we think about fashion far from consumerism? Indeed, there’s a way of conceiving the fashion industry cleared of its toxic downsides.

Spring-summer 23, a sense of re-birth comes with the new season. And so, we want to take you with us on our journey out of the blob of mass-produced clothes. Come with us to discover rarities and excellence to bring back meaning in an industry that, as it is now, has lost it.

Fashion & consumerism

If fashion mirrors our society, what we see is growth mania. The industry brainwashed people into overconsumption and disposable culture. In fact, there is a constant need for novelties which has much in common with addictive behaviours. But this massified fashion comes with a cost. It has a polluting and destructive impact.

So, we want to take you with us on a different path, which we’ll hone season after season. There’s no perfection but the commitment to doing better, stepping away from pointless labels or empty claims.
Good design, well-made clothes are for those who can see them. But, attention to design, details, and materials are fundamentals to bringing meaning back into fashion.

Spring-Summer 23: niche fashion #formodernhumans

Come with us to explore the Spring-Summer 23: garments made with care and passion. Indeed, the sense of tailoring prevails. Silhouettes are slightly more defined but always comfortable. Specifically, materials have a pleasant hand feel, and lines don’t make your body feel compressed.

There are drapings, a design detail that adds a special touch to t-shirts and dresses, making them suitable for different body shapes. But also, cool military pants and exclusive knitwear. And shirts, timeless garments par excellence, improved with a modern twist, in multiple lengths. Plus comfortable flat leather shoes for your summer walks.

The selection is accurate, essential and in limited quantities. A design-focused slow fashion, far from consumerism. Indeed, garments feature a carry-over design, becoming made-to-last stylish classics.

What if the perspective of what you considered new so far is wrong?

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