The White Shirt

Revisiting a timeless garment for a minimal lifestyle

Today we introduce a timeless garment: The White Shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts.

This Japanese shirt brand creates timeless pieces with an edgy touch. Its design code is innovative and conceived for a minimal lifestyle. Indeed, it provides stylish and comfortable details, but the image is quite understated. Also, born as a unisex brand, it talks to those who feel free to express their personality through style but do not care about gendered labels.

Discover The White Shirt

About the design
This shirt comes in two versions: a button-down or a mao collar. The silhouette is wide, with a comfortable fit. One front open pocket and one slip pocket on the right side for your cell phone or wallet. A contrasting rubber band along the back adds a point of graphic design. It is detachable, and you can wear it as a belt or as you like. Also, the hem design makes it look well untucked.
Takase shell button front closure. These shell buttons are the byproduct of the food manufacturing process, which would be otherwise wasted. Therefore they are considered sustainable.

The White Shirt
The White Shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts

About the material
100% cotton.

About the colour
The base is white with an orange or blue detachable rubber band.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
Shirts are seasonless. So, you can wear The White Shirt throughout the year by mixing it with seasonal pieces to make it suitable for a specific occasion. Also, the white colour is a true classic, easy to mix and match in limitless styling options. In springtime, try it underneath a cotton vest or a blazer. Unbuttoned and untucked above a tank top for your casual style. But don’t forget to take it with you to the beach!

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The Flannel Shirt

How to refresh your wardrobe with just one piece

The Flannel Shirt – proposed in various shapes, comes from the new brand we introduced from Japan, Good Neighbors Shirt.

It is a genderless fashion brand suitable for everyone – a design conceived for your life. Button-down, mao collar or maxi shirt: choose your favourite one to create your everyday uniform by mixing comfort and style.

As a general rule, since life took us to this point, to this deep understanding, we buy less. Much less! Because we understood we don’t need more. In fact, we need less but better. Yes, fewer pieces, but focusing on good quality and unique designs. Those are the features that define meaningful fashion items. 

The Flannel Shirt
Flannel button down shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts – Supima straight leg trousers by Plantation 1982

Styling The Flannel Shirt

In the end, you need just one piece to refresh your wardrobe of meaningful garments, the selection of clothes you build over time. By the way, that is the point of owning quality pieces made to last. You love them, and you feel pleasure in wearing them frequently. 

Also, we like the idea of wearing our special ones not only for specific occasions, leaving them almost unused in our cupboard. Therefore we need something to match these garments in order to allow a less elaborated image.

The Flannel Shirt
Flannel mao collar shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts – Layered mesh skirt by Marc Le Bihan skirt

We have created some outfits with the timeless clothes part of our selection, and the mix looks stylish! Specifically, the idea is to try these casual items to tone down some statement pieces of clothing in a modern mix-and-match.

However, we love The Flannel Shirt as an overshirt with a basic t-shirt underneath and straight-leg trousers.

The Flannel Shirt
Flannel mao collar shirt by Good Neighbors Shirts – White semi-flared jeans by ZUCCa

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We are based in Milano, but we ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.
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The Mannish Shirt

In the mood for a relaxed elegance

The mannish shirt is a wardrobe essential. When it comes to timeless fashion, you cannot miss some good shirts to complete your capsule wardrobe. Classic or casual, shirts are garments designed for life. Above all, they add a stylish edge to your outfits.

The Mannish shirt & contemporary fashion

Slim volumes – too close to the body, aren’t a style we like, so we tend to choose slightly oversized to oversized fit. Indeed, grabbing the shirts directly from a man’s closet is one of the best options. The mannish fit is more comfortable, and the silhouette looks modern and fresh.

In the mood for shirts, we selected Good Neighbors Shirts from Japan. We love its unisex designs, a style everyone can wear and make personal by revealing their personality.

However, we suggest starting with the check flannel shirts.

The Mannish Shirt
The Flannel Check Button Down Shirt – by Good Neighbors Shirts

1- The Flannel Button Down Shirt
2- The Flannel Mao Collar Shirt
3- The Flannel Maxi Shirt

These pieces come in check print (beige, black and white). While The Maxi Shirt is available in camouflage, too (100% cotton).

Good Neighbors Shirts: the design point

These well-tailored shirts come with a rubber band along the back, it is detachable, and you can wear them as a belt or as you like. Also, all the shirts have a pocket, on the right side, for your phone or wallet.

Styling tips
For preppy style lovers, layer your shirt underneath a sweater. You can wear The Maxi Shirt as a shirtdress or lightweight coat for the change of the season. Also, you can try these casual items to tone down some statement pieces of clothing in a modern mix-and-match. But we love these pieces as an overshirt with a basic t-shirt underneath and straight-leg trousers.

The Mannish shirt, a relaxed elegance #formodernhumans

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Good Neighbors Shirts: new in from Japan!

A genderless shirt collection #formodernhumans

To all beautiful design lovers, the Japanese brand Good Neighbors Shirts is here in Milano!

We are particularly fond of Japanese designers because we appreciate their obsessive attention to detail. Above all, their particular take on fashion depicts an innovative but never aggressive image. There’s a sense of sophisticated coolness in their culture and vision of style. Yes, we know Japanese fashion has passionate fans in the Western world. So we’re happy to share information with you.

Good Neighbors Shirts: brand background

After graduating from Tama Art University Textile Design Department, Akira Aoki has collaborated with various brands. In 2009 he opened his design office, Four Graphic, where he works for global brands and as an artist. In 2018, he started the Good Neighbors Shirt brand being a designer who loves shirts throughout the year.

Good Neighbors Shirts: genderless shirts new in from Japan
Good Neighbors Shirts

Indeed, the collection offers the concept of the “7 DAYS SHIRT“, pieces you can wear comfortably every day like a good partner. Music and art as a source of inspiration are palpable. Also, the approach to colour and style is contemporary and edgy. The manufacturing process does not use fossil fuels as much as possible. Specifically, the hands of skilful craftsmen based in Tokyo make the production.

Now in Milano!

Finally, today we received a lovely box all decorated with cats! Best box ever! And we immediately checked all the garments: the design, details, and quality are excellent.

These well-tailored shirts with a genderless image are modern and stylish. All the items have a contrast band along the back, which is detachable, and you can use it as a belt or as you like. Also, all the shirts have a pocket, on the right side, for your phone or wallet.

Good Neighbors Shirts are modern uniforms for a minimal lifestyle. Contact us (by email or WhatsApp) to know more!
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The Cotton Suede Pants

Timeless fashion for your Fall/Winter wardrobe

Today we introduce The Cotton Suede Pants by Plantation 1982.

With a warm suede touch, these wide-leg trousers are a quality piece for your fall/ winter capsule wardrobe. This cotton suede is an Italian material, stretchy and with soft hand. Also, you can wash it at home.

Cotton suede: Italian fabric – Japanese design

Classic style mixed with a modern design, the essence of the Japanese brand Plantation. Timeless, comfortable, easy-care and top quality – elements of, what we call, meaningful garments. Among the things that still make sense to buy.

Discover the cotton suede pants

About the design
Wide-leg pants in a stretch and warm material. Loose fit. Two front pleats, front zip and button closure. Two side slip pockets and two button pockets at the rear. Rubber waistline along the back. So you can wear a belt and have a comfortable fit while giving it a neat impression.

The Cotton Suede Pants
The Cotton Suede Pants – Plantation 1982

About the material
97% cotton, 3% polyurethane
Italian stretch fabric with a warm suede touch. This special material makes these trousers perfect from early autumn to winter.
The product is dyed to give it a unique texture.

About the colour
Off-white, a hue that has a particular meaning for a post-pandemic fall/ Winter season. It highlights a sense of pureness and a fresh restart.

Wash by hand, easy-care product.
Please, wash separately. Cool iron with a press cloth between the iron and the fabric.

Styling tips
The design is comfortable and stylish, giving a sense of timeless fashion. So you can wear The Cotton Suede Pants in multiple outfits. Since you can coordinate them easily with any top, you’ll have infinite winter styling options.

International shipping available

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Mulesing free: what does it mean?

And why should fashion care about it?

Mulesing is a cruel practice used in merino sheep farms. Actually, it’s a word we weren’t familiar with. But we realise that addressing fashion that respects people, nature, and animals requires much attention.

While placing our Fall/Winter 22-23 orders, we looked through the Plantation 1982 line sheet to pick our favourite clothes. And so, we had the chance to read about this technique.

“The merino wool used for this pullover is mulesing-free, to help improve animal welfare.” – so the line sheet said.
One of the reasons why we particularly appreciate Japanese brands like Plantation is that they provide detailed information not only about the design but the material, too. Indeed, they explain why the designing team selected a specific fabric highlighting all the characteristics.

After reading about this particular merino wool, we researched a bit and discovered a horrendous way of getting this material from sheep.

mulesing free merino wool

Mulesing: what is it?

Especially in Australia and Asia, sheep are bred to have wrinkly skin to get more wool per animal. But the wrinkles retain urine and moisture, attracting more parasites that can eat the sheep alive. To prevent this kind of parasitic infection, ranchers perform “mulesing.” They force the sheep onto their backs, block their legs and rip off the skin from the backsides without any painkiller.

This mutilating practice is brutal torture! So we must stop it and find other ways to get the wool.

What is the alternative?

The good news is that the solution already exists: mulesing-free wool. It is a careful shearing practice which respects animal welfare. Therefore the sheep do not undergo any mutilation or antiparasitic treatment harmful to the animal, operators and final customers who get in contact with the wool.

No mulesing: responsible fashion

Fashion designers are responsible for finding respectful ways of making their garments. They must hold themselves accountable for how they conceive and produce their clothing. And find alternative ethical approaches for the fashion industry.

Perhaps we cannot grant sustainability – no one really can! Even those who wave the eco/green buzzwords. But we do our best to select specific quality materials and meaningful garments. And so, fashion in respect of people, the planet and animals.

The Merino Wool Sweater

Fashion in respect of the nature

Today we introduce The Merino Wool Sweater by Plantation 1982.

This garment combines a minimal design with top-quality wool obtained from a more careful procedure called mulesing-free. It is a new technique that respects animal welfare. In fact, mulesing is a horrendous shearing practice that we will treat more in detail soon.

Discover the Fall/Winter Merino sweater

About the design
It is a round neck long-sleeved knit pullover which makes the most of the comfort of the material. Asymmetric hemline with two side slits. Loose body, so you can wear it alone or layered. The design is minimal but stylish. Also, it is a wholegarment: a seam-free knitwear technique which provides a three-dimensional seam construction. Indeed without stitchings, the knitwear flows more naturally and offers superior comfort and fit.

Merino Wool Sweater
The Merino Wool Sweater – Plantation 1982

About the material
100% Merino wool. The Plantation designing team has selected mulesing-free wool from France, a technique gentle on sheep. It is a merino wool that is pasture-raised in the great outdoors of France and has a very low production volume. It has better bulkiness and moisture retention than conventional merino wool and is light and warm. Modified ribbed knitting with holes makes it even lighter. Inserting other rib patterns into the knitted fabric provides a grainy final result.

About the colour
Forest green: an easy-to-match evocative winter hue. We opted for dark green as a love statement for nature.

Styling tips
The Merino Wool Sweater is a minimal but stylish winter pullover. A timeless piece of excellent quality. Since it has a loose body, you can wear it alone or layered over a shirt or turtleneck inner-wear. If you are chilly, the layering style is the best solution.

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We are based in Milano, but we ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

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