Delicate erosion: Meagratia SS24

Inspiration from Rakuten Fashion Week

In search of inspiration for the SS24 season, from the Rakuten Fashion Week, which just took place in Tokyo, we share the Meagratia collection film “Delicate erosion.”

Meagratia is a Japanese brand, and Takafumi Sekine is the designer. What do we expect from Tokyo? Creativity, unconventional design, uniqueness.

On a side note, we still divide collections into seasons for pure convention. In other words, it’s just to give a sense of order. However, we usually select meaningful pieces with a timeless aesthetic. Good design and quality last forever. Also, we tend to pick many seasonless garments: pieces that, with a layering style, work almost throughout the year.

We love the Meagratia brand and find his work interesting for its subtle sense of style and meticulous detailing. Also, the designer’s passionate research of vintage pieces made modern through skilled design work represents a labour of love for fashion. Definitely not for the mass market; it’s for those who appreciate uniqueness.

Delicate erosion – Meagratia SS24 collection film

His unconventional, personal language emerges in his collection films, season after season. And so, we invite you to see “Delicate erosion” Meagratia SS24 collection film here:

As you can see, getting some inspiration from the Meagratia SS24 collection film, the colour palette is delicate but intense. Fabrics are textured or printed but easy to wear. And the design elements are so unique they beautifully stand out. Another great point is the genderless approach, which makes the collection contemporary and transversal. Indeed, all of these elements come together to create a sensory experience that evokes feelings of elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty.

Meagratia’s designs are the perfect style choice #formodernhumans
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The Fringe Maxi Shirt

Genderless fashion #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Fringe Maxi Shirt by Meagratia.

The image of this long shirt, with fringed trimming decoration, is unique and elegant. But it’s easy to wear. Since the ribbon is tone-on-tone, it features a refined monochrome pattern, which adds beautiful detailing while being delicate.

The designer creates pieces with a soul: genderless, timeless, and wearable. In fact, Meagratia’s style is special and detailed but never excessive. And this vision perfectly reflects in his capsule collection. Indeed, the Meagratia collection shows a clear idea of fashion without making too many pieces, which would be pointless from a sustainable viewpoint. Plus an excellent artisanal quality.

Discover The Fringe Maxi Shirt

About the design
Band collar shirtdress with two side slits. A yoke on the shoulders defines a comfortable fit. The design point is a rich fringed tone-on-tone trimming which embellishes the shirt along the shoulders, top front and cuffs. Specifically, the knit fringes are original and made of a special material, cut into tapes and knitted. Meagratia uses typewriter fabric (Japanese poplin cotton) that is slightly thin, supple and has a firm texture.

The Fringe Maxi Shirt
The Fringe Maxi Shirt by Meagratia

About the material
100% cotton: Japanese poplin cotton.

About the colour
Off-white base mixed with tone-on-tone decoration. The colour arrangement is elegant.

Hand wash
Do not Bleach – Do not tumble dry – Iron medium(Use press cloth)
Dry clean: any solvent except Trichloroethylene

Styling tips
The Fringe Maxi Shirt looks well over black, khaki trousers or jeans. Because of its richness, you can wear it for special occasions too. Indeed, it’s a meaningful garment you can wear throughout the year. During the summer season, wear it as a dress and pair it with flat sandals or heels, depending on the occasion.

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