Creativity or Reality?

Exploring the Struggle to Sustain Fashion Amidst Economic Collapse

These days, we are here with one eye on creativity, or the dream as we like to call it in fashion, and one on the tragic reality surrounding us. In other words, we are trying to strike a balance between maintaining the fashion business and witnessing a world that falls apart.

As we are currently reviewing collections, we would love to stay focused only on the creative side of fashion. Therefore, delve into volumes and silhouettes, hand-detailings, materials and colours. Also, N.Y. Fashion Week, London Fashion Week, or lookbooks we receive. Yet, we cannot ignore the sobering reality that surrounds us. With each passing day, we are bombarded with news of industry giants facing closures, layoffs, and financial uncertainty.

creativity or reality

Navigating turbulent times

We explored the issue of the leather goods compartment in Florence, which is stuck. Consequently, 250 manufacturers are at risk of downsizing or closure. Furthermore, the latest news reveals that 26 Galeries Lafayette affiliated stores are at risk of administration under control. Also, Nike is about to fire 2% of its global workforce, so 1.500 people will lose their jobs. The data, beyond depressing, shows the picture of a collapsing system. Piece after piece. Field after field. Indeed, it is also the case of “The Body Shop,” which filed for bankruptcy, so 2.000 will be jobless. And these are just a few examples.

The fashion industry’s battle for survival

While navigating such adversity, the question is: creativity or reality? Dreams or facts? Perhaps we can ignore that the economy is crumbling. And more people are losing their jobs. But ultimately, who do brands make garments for? Who will buy expensive clothes? The truth is, the economic collapse is reshaping consumer behaviour. It might be that consumers’ preferences will shift towards lower prices, ignoring any sustainable and ethical aspects. So, the percentage of those shopping niche products will be thinner.

In light of the failure of the existing system, it becomes imperative for fashion businesses to embrace change. As we navigate the unprecedented turbulent times the fashion industry is facing, it’s important to remember that adversity breeds innovation. In times of crisis, the ability to pivot and adapt becomes essential. Therefore, fashion businesses must be open to reassessing their strategies.

And if adversity breeds innovation, now it’s the time for it!

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The Most Exclusive Fashion in Milano

Independent Designers & Japanese Fashion

At suite123 you can find the most exclusive fashion in Milano and get it delivered to your door wherever you are. In fact, we meticulously curate a niche fashion selection from global independent designers. Also, with a profound passion for Japanese fashion, we ensure a distinct representation of unique Japanese designers in our brand mix.

As pioneers in discovering new and emerging designers, we pride ourselves on introducing them to a discerning audience. Independent minds who appreciate unique garments and niche fashion.

Our ethos revolves around the principle of #buylessbuybetter, offering an exclusive selection that transcends borders and fosters genuine connections.

The most exclusive fashion in Milano

Fashion values

We are ultra-careful in selecting brands that share our core values. So, we prioritise good design, high-quality materials, and skilled craftsmanship with a particular emphasis on attention to detail. Moreover, we exclusively promote brands with an ethical approach to business, valuing fair labour practices and environmental sustainability.

Above all, we prioritise designers who understand the importance of producing in limited batches, contributing to a shift towards a more sustainable fashion industry.
That is a fundamental point, assuming we don’t just want to play with marketing claims, a widespread practice nowadays.

Timeless, genderless, and ageless fashion

Our selection challenges the conventional norms of the fashion industry and societal expectations by transcending the constraints of time, gender, and age. We encourage individuality and self-expression through styles that are not bound by fleeting trends or restrictive categorisations, fostering inclusivity and empowerment for all who engage with us.

Discover made-to-last garments. Let us guide you to explore garments crafted to endure, becoming cherished pieces in your wardrobe for a lifetime.

Experience a personalised shopping service:

We will help you find the perfect pieces tailored to your unique style. At our core, we highly value your privacy in all our services.

Shopping in Milano

Even if you’re not in Milan, you can still indulge in the suite123 experience. Contact us to schedule a personalised video call appointment and enjoy our private shopping service, with the most exclusive fashion in Milano delivered straight to your door.

👉 Get in touch directly from here!

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Behind the Seams: Fashion Industry & Forced Labour

Understanding the Joint Roles of Brands and Consumers

Let’s delve “behind the seams” to unveil the link between the fashion industry and forced labour. The connection is robust, a topic often discussed yet incredibly overlooked by consumers despite the information.

In a recent post, we exposed the symbiotic relationship between luxury brands and fast fashion, both operating within the capitalistic framework. Today, we peel back another layer, examining recent cases.

Behind the seams of luxury brands

First, we happened to read a BOF post: “Luxury brands lag on efforts to reduce forced labour.” Reduce? But isn’t it appalling that brands discuss reducing forced labour instead of eliminating forced labour? By the way, the graphic in the attachment gathered luxury brands and fast fashion brands. All the most popular ones! (see it here).
Second, these days, the news reported the case of Alviero Martini. The company is under investigation for starving wages.

These two elements confirm our thesis: luxury brands and fast fashion share the same pattern, just for different pockets. But, above all, they highlight how deeply this issue is rooted in the fashion system, revealing it as a consolidated practice to maximise profit.

Also, it is interesting to notice that luxury brands often blame fast fashion while hiding their practices that are no different! Luxury brands exploit people’s work precisely as fast fashion does. Whatever the “made in” label says.

According to “Knowthechain” – a non-profit organisation:
“Today, an estimated 24.9 million people around the world are victims of forced labour, generating $150 billion in illegal profits in the private economy.”

Forced labour & modern-day slavery

Forced labour refers to individuals compelled to work against their will, under threat of punishment or coercion. In other words, individuals suffer exploitation as they are deprived of their freedom, coerced into labour without fair remuneration, and subjected to conditions over which they have no control. Forced labour can take various forms, including human trafficking, debt bondage, and other forms of modern slavery, and it is a violation of fundamental human rights as well as international labour standards.

Although condemned and prohibited by national and international laws, the practice is widespread. What’s worse? People, through their purchases, endorse this despicable system.

The fashion industry has no moral fabric, just as individuals who ignore the issue despite the available information.

Are you willing to shut your eyes when buying a logoed bag?
Did you know there’s an alternative? Small, independent brands offer luxury handbags with the finest materials, quality and skilled craftsmanship, all at just 1/3 the price of a branded bag. But while the logoed ones may be easy to sell, only a niche audience can appreciate true quality.

Your decisions as a consumer can shape an industry that values humanity over profit. Don’t compromise ethics over status.

What happens “behind the seams,” the dark connection between the fashion industry and forced labour, is extensively covered in the media. Read, share, and take action. But do not close your eyes. Ignorance is not an option; it’s time to confront the truth.

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Happy 2024!

New Year’s Resolution: Empathy and Sharing

suite123 team wishes you a happy 2024!

At suite123, we are not just a boutique; we are a tiny hub of style and creativity committed to a ‘less but better’ lifestyle.
In fact, our niche boutique isn’t just about fashion, it is about fostering connections and understanding.

As we step into 2024, we are thrilled to share our New Year’s resolution with you.

This year, amid escalating reports of conflicts, violence against women, and patriarchy still dominating. In an increasingly polarized society where politicians, media, and social platforms use aggressive communication. And in a world where different voices often clash, we choose to embrace empathy.

In embracing empathy, we are committed to welcoming diverse perspectives. Just as we curate niche designers and unique styles, we aim to embrace the richness of differing opinions.

For 2024, we aim to cultivate open-mindedness and value diverse viewpoints. Specifically, we encourage embracing conflicting thoughts as a way to foster growth and understanding in all its forms. Indeed, this approach resonates deeply with our boutique’s ethos.

Also, let’s stay devoted to sharing ideas, thoughts, and inspirations to help make the world a better place. Our journey of discovery and growth thrives on mutual inspiration. So, when a story captures your heart, share it. It can inspire others. In fact, we all have a role in shaping our culture. And we each contribute to this collective effort! The world deserves a deeper, more thoughtful approach, and a collective culture can help facilitate positive change.

Indeed, sharing is at the heart of our mission. We are not just about selling clothes. We are about creating a community that values thoughtful expression and connection.

So, thank you for being part of our boutique’s story. Undoubtedly, every purchase allows suite123 to exist. Also, every interaction and every shared story contributes to our collective effort in shaping a more empathetic and sharing world.
Together, we are redefining the fashion landscape.

To each and every one of you, we are sending a heap of positivity for 2024! May this year be filled with creativity, joy, and all the wonderful things that resonate with your heart. And may your unique style reflect your values.

Stay connected, stay engaged, and let’s make this year remarkable, together!

Happy 2024 from the suite123 family! 🎉✨

Lots of love,
Ro, Cri and Thami

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Fashion, Connection and Micro Communities

How a Niche Fashion Selection Ties in With Change

Fashion, connection and micro communities have something in common. Indeed, given our disaffection with social media, we promote opportunities to connect in smaller groups. That is to discuss fashion and lifestyle in the face of climate change.

Our new approach to fashion:

The starting point is our capsule selection of independent international brands and Japanese fashion. So, we begin picking out meaningful garments featuring a good design imprint and a timeless aesthetic. Clothes you won’t find everywhere.
Specifically, we assemble a fashion capsule selection intentionally limited. Do you know why?
It’s the only way we can offer uniqueness and a sustainable approach. Indeed, brands keep talking about how good they are with their sustainable practices. But, still, overproduction is their business pattern. Therefore, they flood the market with large quantities of clothes. Of course, that model isn’t sustainable at all! However, fashion greenwashing works pretty well.

From climate change to a new vision of fashion

We refuse the status quo. The climate emergency is tangible, and this topic is the heart of our radically different approach to fashion. So we send back to brands their overproduction pattern and try to conduct business our way.

In other words, the climate emergency led us to see fashion with different eyes. Through our capsule selection, we communicate our new attitude towards clothing and life. And we wish to engage with people who are on the same path. Or, at least, curious to know more about what’s going on and, most importantly, how we can reduce our impact on the planet with our daily actions.

Connection and micro communities

But that kind of deeper connection hardly grows on social media. That’s why we favour interaction in smaller communities, whether in person or online. Though we show our selection on the web, we take care of all the buying, styling and blogging processes. We interact personally with anyone who gets in touch with us.

So, fashion, connection and micro communities tie in with the change. Connections are real. And, over time, they get deeper by developing trust and respect. Local or not, the quality of interactions and the garments selected make the difference! Above all, our loyal customers aren’t just customers. They support a different vision of the world.

Get in touch with us directly from here!

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