Fashion far from consumerism

Spring-summer 23: bringing back meaning

Can we think about fashion far from consumerism? Indeed, there’s a way of conceiving the fashion industry cleared of its toxic downsides.

Spring-summer 23, a sense of re-birth comes with the new season. And so, we want to take you with us on our journey out of the blob of mass-produced clothes. Come with us to discover rarities and excellence to bring back meaning in an industry that, as it is now, has lost it.

Fashion & consumerism

If fashion mirrors our society, what we see is growth mania. The industry brainwashed people into overconsumption and disposable culture. In fact, there is a constant need for novelties which has much in common with addictive behaviours. But this massified fashion comes with a cost. It has a polluting and destructive impact.

So, we want to take you with us on a different path, which we’ll hone season after season. There’s no perfection but the commitment to doing better, stepping away from pointless labels or empty claims.
Good design, well-made clothes are for those who can see them. But, attention to design, details, and materials are fundamentals to bringing meaning back into fashion.

Spring-Summer 23: niche fashion #formodernhumans

Come with us to explore the Spring-Summer 23: garments made with care and passion. Indeed, the sense of tailoring prevails. Silhouettes are slightly more defined but always comfortable. Specifically, materials have a pleasant hand feel, and lines don’t make your body feel compressed.

There are drapings, a design detail that adds a special touch to t-shirts and dresses, making them suitable for different body shapes. But also, cool military pants and exclusive knitwear. And shirts, timeless garments par excellence, improved with a modern twist, in multiple lengths. Plus comfortable flat leather shoes for your summer walks.

The selection is accurate, essential and in limited quantities. A design-focused slow fashion, far from consumerism. Indeed, garments feature a carry-over design, becoming made-to-last stylish classics.

What if the perspective of what you considered new so far is wrong?

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How to order our niche selection

To order the items we post on Instagram or here, please send us a private message:

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First: check your DM, chat or inbox: we will notify availability and provide all the information you may need.
Second: once you confirm your shipping address, we will send a payment request via PayPal and our terms and conditions. As soon as we receive the payment notification, your order will be delivered shortly.
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Also, you can request a personal shopping service, which is available remotely too. It means we pick out the garments that would suit you best, offering a personalised service. This is our advice: sometimes, an item you don’t consider at first is the one that works best for you. Give it a try!

Plantation1982 tote bag made of recycled PET felt
Plantation1982 tote bag
Felt made of recycled PET

We believe in private shopping and deep connections.

One last note: our selection is limited. On purpose. Because it’s a niche choice.
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