A conversation with Cinzia Cortesi

Cinzia Cortesi Couture is a new Italian beachwear brand we introduced this season. Indeed, after much research, her refined style and timeless aesthetic attracted our attention. There’s a touch of couture in that.

Since we wanted to know more about the brand to introduce it to our audience, we interviewed the designer, Cinzia Cortesi.

The interview with Cinzia Cortesi

• When did you launch your brand?
“In 2019, my first release was during the pandemic. Can you imagine? I said to myself: if I can do it now, nothing will stop me. Despite the lockdown, I delivered all the orders, and customers were happy with my brand. Indeed, over time they increased their orders.”

• Can you tell us something about your background?
“I come from clothing, high end/luxury brands. I’m a pattern maker, and I consulted for many years for Genny, Prada, Bally and other brands. Being a pattern maker, I’m obsessed with the fit, it must be perfect. And I have a sense of giving structure to my garments.”

• Why beachwear?
“I started from scratch, alone. So I wanted to do something manageable, and beachwear has one release a year. But, I intended to make something more structured, more habbillé than pure beachwear. I wanted an essential and researched line to perform my pattern making skills.”

Cinzia Cortesi Couture
Cinzia Cortesi Couture

About quality, fashion and social media

• What kind of materials do you use?
“I put a lot of attention to the quality of materials. My swimsuits are made of lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin. Specifically, it’s a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand is dense and looks like a crepe. But, even if solid, it has good drying properties, and is comfortable to wear.”

• What do you think of the fashion world today?
“Now fashion is only about logos, everyone is doing the same. There are beautiful things, but there’s a lot of garbage, really a lot! And even because of social media, I see many improvised brands. I’ve been working in fashion for over 30 years, and it’s always more complicated. But I like beautiful things, and I like making beautiful things. This is why I still work in fashion.”

• You touched on social media. What do you think about that?
“I keep an eye on social media, I have to… but I understand they must be dosed. Because if you follow them, you get caught up by a caravan that wants to dictate fashion. And, if you do that, you cannot express yourself, your authentic style.” 

• What do you think about sustainability?
“As it is now, it’s just marketing! A way to clean our conscience.”

And so, her company is small, which is a good way to keep things under control. Production is handmade, and she goes ahead with it only on an order basis. The quality of the materials is excellent, and the fit is absolutely perfect. This is Made in Italy!

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