Global Turmoil and Traditions

Christmas 2023: we are furious!

Amidst global turmoil, embracing traditions entails focusing on our core values. Unfortunately, hypocrisy is heavy.

Christmas once symbolised profound meaning. However, it has devolved into a season of excess: the most wasteful time of the year. A season marked by overconsumption and wastefulness. Yet, lately, the festive spirit feels different. But this year, the sadness of the stark realities of the world around us overshadows it.

Heart-wrenching accounts of the war in Gaza and the conflict in Ukraine fill the news, each report detailing lives lost and families shattered. The weight of these events hangs over the holiday season, dimming joy and merriment.

If, at large, promoting the show of opulence in the fashion industry feels hollow, in the face of such tragedies becomes totally pointless. Indeed, we find it out of place. So, expect no such things from us.

James Elder: “I’m furious” speech

But we want to share the voice of James Elder UNICEF Global Spokesperson. As his “I’m furious,” speech resonates with many.

via Middle East Eye

“I’m furious that those with power shrug at the humanitarian nightmares unleashed on a million children. I’m furious that children who are recovering from amputations in hospitals are then killed in those hospitals. I’m furious that there are more children hiding as we speak somewhere, who will no doubt be hit and have amputations in the coming days. I’m furious that of all the senseless attacks, the only admittance of dumb is the use of dumb bombs. I’m furious that disease is as well-armed as the warring parties, but it gets absolutely no attention.
And I’m furious that Christmas is likely to bring increased savagery and attacks as the world is distracted with its own, you know, love and goodwill. I’m furious that now we’re at 5.000, 6.000, 7.000 children killed, and they’re becoming statistics and not storiesI’m furious at the hypocrisy crushing empathy, and yeah, to a degree, I’m furious at myself for not being able to do more.”

It is a cry for humanity, urging immediate steps toward peace and protection for the most vulnerable. In fact, we need decisive action to end the senseless suffering and destruction that have turned the affected areas into a living nightmare. 

Amidst this global turmoil, embracing traditions feels hypocritical. So, our Merry Christmas wishes are a call to action for peace: let’s not bury pain in Gaza beneath our Christmas lights.

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