The Landscape Tee

Unisex Nature-Inspired T-Shirt #formodernhumans

Introducing The Landscape Tee by Meagratia from Tokyo, Japan – our top pick of the week!

Regarding this unisex t-shirt, we’re enamoured with its nature-inspired aesthetic and minimalist design. In fact, we have a thing for basics with thoughtful design touches, which lend them an elevated style. As we’ve come to expect, Meagratia consistently delivers on multiple details. Like tiny traces, not only imbue each piece with the brand’s dedication to quality design but also with a sense of uniqueness and individuality for the wearer.

Discover The Landscape Tee

About the design
Printed unisex T-shirt featuring a real landscape that becomes a source of imagery for the Spring-Summer 24 Meagratia’s collection. Round neck, short sleeves. Unique hemline design: asymmetric, shorter and round at the front; longer and square at the back. Boxy fit. 

The landscape tee by Meagratia brand from Japan

About the material
100% cotton, full-bodied yet soft hand.

About the colour
White base with a black and white nature-inspired decoration.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Landscape Tee is a versatile, seasonless garment you can play with for many outfits. So, for a layered look, try it under a denim or leather jacket for an edgier ensemble. Or combine it with white or black jeans and ankle boots for a sleek outfit. Also, for a nature-inspired ensemble, build on the nature-inspired design by pairing it with earthy tones such as green (try it with khaki cargo pants). But don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and textures to create a unique and personalised look. 

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Exclusive Fashion
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Military Chic Inspired Jacket

The Unisex Blouson #formodernhumans

In the quest for quality over quantity, we unearthed a gem: the epitome of contemporary luxury in the form of a military chic inspired jacket. This unisex blouson, resonating with a nostalgic charm, seamlessly bridges the seasons. So, we invite you to enter the world of Meagratia, where reverence for vintage designs reigns supreme. Calling all Japanese fashion lovers: this unisex blouson is tailored for you.

Inspired by the rugged attire of US Army armoured troops, this jacket pays homage to the iconic tanker jacket. Every detail, meticulously crafted, breathes authenticity into its design. From the front zip fastening to the button-closed stand collar, from the strategically placed zipped pocket to the generous side pockets. In this unisex military chic inspired jacket every element serves a purpose.

Military chic inspired jacket

Adjustable closures at the wrists ensure a snug fit, while the full lining adds comfort and durability. Crafted from a robust blend of cotton and nylon, the jacket boasts resilience without compromising on style. Specially treated for a vintage patina, its appearance tells a story of timeless elegance.

Ultimately, this isn’t just a garment; it’s a statement. This unisex jacket is a testament to the enduring allure of military-inspired fashion. And with its unisex design, it’s a versatile addition to any wardrobe, transcending gender boundaries with ease.

Military chic inspired jacket

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The Boyfriend Suit

Genderless Fashion #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Boyfriend Suit by art259 design, new in this season at suite123 Milano boutique.

In a world of mainstream fashion that feels overcrowded and noisy, we find solace in selecting garments from brands that prioritise meaningful design over unnecessary frills. Indeed, art259 design is a made-in-Italy niche fashion brand renowned for its avant-garde creations. The two pieces we’re showcasing today embody a timeless, genderless aesthetic, reflecting the brand’s commitment to enduring style.

Crafted from high-quality materials, these garments, designed to be worn across seasons, ensure versatility and longevity in your wardrobe.

Discover The Boyfriend Suit

About the design
The Boyfriend Blazer in lightweight wool features a tailored mannish cut with a two-button closure. Two flap pockets and one welt pocket on the chest. Also, a partial lining with two internal pockets. The modern, oversized fit ensures both style and comfort.
The Boyfriend Pants are tailored trousers in lightweight wool, wide legs with a front pleat and a voluminous silhouette softly falling on the body. Button closure, two side pockets, and one back pocket, combining practicality with style.

the boyfriend suit by art259 design

About the material
Lightweight, fresh and versatile material you can wear throughout the year.
100% virgin wool

About the colour
Sugar paper, a delicate powder blue hue – stylish and easy to match.

Wash by hand in cold water. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Boyfriend Suit comprises two pieces that harmonise seamlessly. Yet, their adaptable design permits separate wear, presenting timeless and sophisticated essentials. Whether for professional settings, formal, or evening events, these pieces endure beyond trends, destined to become wardrobe staples for life.

How to purchase our selection:

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From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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A Conversation with Miaoran

Embracing The New Generation of Creatives #formodernhumans

Exploring the narratives behind brands is our passion, so we were thrilled to engage in a conversation with Filippo, co-designer of Miaoran – an innovative brand blending contemporary craftsmanship with both Chinese and Italian influences.

White Milano, on February 24, ten years after their first White, offered a way to reconnect with a wider audience. There, we met both team members, the new generation of creatives. We had the chance to explore the FW24 collection
And so, recently, we visited Miaoran’s Milano showroom to immerse ourselves into their world, ready for an engaging dialogue.

In order to understand the origins of Miaoran, we trace back to the early experiences and inspirations that led to its inception.

Miaoran – The interview

• How was the Miaoran brand born?
Miao Ran was born in China in 1987; he moved to Milan in 2008 to pursue a three-year course in Fashion Design at the Politecnico and the Carlo Secoli Institute, where he specialised in pattern making, knitwear development, and draping techniques. In 2013, he attended the Master’s program in Fashion Design at NABA. Then, in 2014, he launched his namesake brand. In 2015, Vogue Italia selected him for the “Who is on Next?” contest, receiving the menswear award. In June 2016, Armani selected him to showcase at the Armani Theater. As the first Asian brand endorsed by Armani, it garners attention from international clientele.

Collaboration lies at the heart of Miaoran’s creative process.
• How did your collaboration come about?
After the Armani Theater, Miao opened a large space in Milan. I met him in 2018 but joined the company in 2019/20, during the full lockdown period. There was a beautiful synergy between us, which led to a natural fusion of our visions. We are two dreamers: one with wild ideas and the other more pragmatic. Stylistically, we complement each other. In 2022, I became an official partner as we sought to navigate through the challenges of the pandemic. At that time, the collection was quite extensive.

• How could you overcome that?
It was truly devastating. Due to the pandemic, Miao couldn’t return to Italy for nearly two years. On January 23, he arrived with eight suitcases filled with samples! To adapt, we organised a presentation in our showroom, inviting real people—friends, family, and NABA students (where I teach). During the event, we photographed the lookbook featuring individuals from our community. The response was successful, and we began working again. However, the key to our success was embracing change. So, we closed the big showroom and relocated to a smaller one. Also, we revised our approach to the collection to avoid waste. Now, it is a smaller and better thought-out collection: a total look that gives the possibility to mix and match with other pieces.

A conversation with Miaoran

• What is your idea of fashion design?
We are all pattern makers, emphasising the importance of a perfect fit and a fondness for textured fabrics. We approach design with a unique perspective: clothing is the home of the body, and we like to design it by looking at it upside down with life. However, the idea is to blur the differences between men and women, making it open to all genders. Garments have been deconstructed and reinterpreted. After two years of development, combining the sewing techniques of men’s and womenswear, we achieved a flawless unisex fit, believing that fashion transcends gender boundaries.

• What’s your focus?
Our focus lies in outerwear: blazers and coats are the key pieces capable of transforming one’s wardrobe. Indispensable essentials that must not be missing. However, our approach isn’t driven by fleeting trends to please the masses. Instead, we create beautiful pieces that can elevate any outfit for individuals who value fashion as an art form and seek to elevate their style effortlessly.

• What do you think about sustainability?
Once I said to my students: sustainability in fashion is fake news. Of course, sustainability is a matter of conscience. So, let’s stop producing so many pieces! We produce only on an order basis, with no warehouse, and no stock. Everything is more optimised.

• How do you see social media?
Social media takes away freedom; don’t give it. It’s all fake. Today in Milan, the “fashion capital,” but also in other cities, the meaning of fashion is decreasing. Fashion is meant for self-expression and creativity, yet everyone wears the same trends and brands. Because of social media more and more people are becoming spectators rather than being in the present and embracing personality. Therefore, we decided to offer different content. We shifted from modelling and perfection to educational aspects about craftsmanship, explanations about materials, and sewing techniques.

In conclusion, our conversation with Miaoran unveils not just a brand, but a philosophy—a dedication to innovation, authenticity, and timeless elegance. Miaoran is a brand of fashion brilliance, eclectic, and with a unique design ethos. Not the old guard who only see themselves, Miao and Filippo are adorable guys, open and humble. We are confident our conversation is the starting point for future engagements and collaborations.

Stay tuned to discover their unique designs #formodernhumans

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Vitality: Meagratia FW24 Fashion Show

A Fusion of Poetic Elegance and Contemporary Coolness

Vitality is the theme explored by Meagratia in its FW24 fashion show presented during Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo. It was a runway spectacle that struck a chord, blending poetry, romance, and modernity seamlessly.

However, from the moment we delved into the world Takafumi Sekine has crafted, we were enamored. Meagratia’s distinctiveness, fueled by an unwavering commitment to detail and vintage aesthetics, sets it apart as a beacon of innovation.

Vitality: Meagratia FW24 season’s theme

“The ceaseless, unyielding pulse of a tender, fresh wound.
Emerald desires surged through the earth like rippling currents.
It’s as if instinct is blooming into a newfound vitality, threading through the spaces left by spun impulses.”

Vitality defines the FW24 season, reflecting humanity’s innate drive to flourish. Meagratia’s “Vitality” collection showcases diverse expressions. From jacquard patterns, reminiscent of patched denim scars on worn denim, to tweed, boasting a textured surface crafted through intricate spinning and weaving techniques. And knitwear featuring designs that capture the exuberance emanating from the heart.
Noteworthy, is the collaboration with George Cox – the original creeper – featuring a rubber sole adorned with original tweed fabric. A testament to the creativity and the tradition of subcultures merging harmoniously.

Meagratia: The show from Rakuten Fashion Week Tokyo

Whogen’s piano melodies resonated from behind an angular glass enclosure with a mesmerizing interplay of shadows. Also, in front of this backdrop, plants delicately adorned the central stage, creating a runway for the models. The atmosphere exuded a captivating allure.

Embracing a genderless approach, both male and female models infused their unique essence into the clothing. Meagratia understands that style transcends gender norms, emphasising the importance of individuality in fashion. Indeed, clothes provide the style, but without the individual attitude that breathes life into them, they are like an empty box, incomplete.

The collection exudes subtle elegance and a refined demeanour that whispers rather than shouts. In fact, Meagratia’s style effortlessly adapts to diverse body shapes, embracing inclusivity and celebrating diversity.

Vitality, Meagratia FW24 fashion show offered a breath of fresh air and cool fashion #formodernhumans

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