Gendered fashion weeks, genderless fashion & sustainability

Do we still need to separate men’s and women’s fashion weeks?

In order to make sense, genderless fashion and gendered fashion weeks should find a thoughtful convergence. And not only from a style perspective but for the compelling necessity of a more sustainable industry.

During fashion weeks, which last about one week for each category, womenswear and menswear, designers present their new collections. Now there are two elements:
First, the fashion industry needs a more sustainable approach
Second, many designers lately proposed clothes less defined by gender.
The intersection of these two points can help the fashion industry change for the better.

Genderless fashion: what does it mean?

Contemporary fashion is more gender-fluid, and the separation between men’s and women’s clothing seems less felt. Apparently, people are free to select clothes from the category they prefer. Indeed, genderless fashion doesn’t mean renouncing femininity or masculinity but having the freedom to pick the garments suitable for yourself.

Genderless has become one of the most represented concepts in fashion designs. So why does the fashion industry keep dividing the schedule into women’s and men’s fashion shows? It seems contradictory in terms of style proposal and sustainability, too.

Fundamentally, we are free to choose. Designers can create the image they like following their creativity and vision of style. At the same time, everyone can refer to femininity and masculinity to express their personal tastes.

Gendered fashion weeks & sustainability

But it is not just a matter of style and freedom of expression. In the face of the environmental crisis, sustainability must be a priority in the fashion industry. In fact, weaving together men’s and women’s on the same runway would not only optimise costs for the brands but would reduce the impact of fashion shows on the environment.

And so, do we still need gendered fashion weeks? Presenting one calendar only seems to be a more sustainable solution for the future of fashion.

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