Man comes, and man goes!

What’s the point of fluidity if brands still present gendered fashion shows?

“Man comes, and man goes” is the feeling we get analysing this men’s fashion week. First was men’s fashion shows, then designers said, man no, not anymore. It was better to present men’s and women’s in one event. And now men’s shows are yes again! 
So, what’s going on? Do designers have an idea of what the world needs, or are they just babbling?

Man’s fashion and style

On the one hand, the vision of men lately has become more free. They can wear clothes that weren’t appropriate a while ago. Although sometimes man’s image seems confused, certainly, it’s almost devoid of elegance. That is because fluid style is associated with an often ridiculous portrayal.

Furthermore, we wonder who brands are talking to. Young boys? In fact, the age seems lowered a lot. But can teenagers afford luxury designer clothes? Apart from a tiny audience, it doesn’t seem likely. So, again we wonder what worldview these top brands promote.

Women and gender-fluid

On the other hand, the idea of women remains quite antiquated and vulgar, even when approaching gender-fluid. But with the claim of showing a woman free from patriarchy and who imposes her own personality. Free to dress as she likes, they say. In other words, a woman’s style that reflects her liberation from man-imposed rules. 
Of course, we do not agree with this storytelling at all. It’s just a fake representation in order to sell the same old things.

Spring-Summer 24 men’s fashion show: gender-fluid and sustainability

Specifically, as regards men’s fashion week, we touch upon a few considerations:
From a style perspective, there’s no need for gendered lines, though we believe that fluidity doesn’t mean ridiculous. 
But what’s the point of fluidity if brands still present gendered shows?

Most importantly, from a sustainability viewpoint, we can’t see the need for a separate fashion week for men and women. In fact, it seems like designers say everything and its opposite six months later, completely disowning words of common sense they pronounced earlier. There’s no clear and consistent line of thought. Which, in times of climate change and tangible disasters we face on a daily basis, seems absolutely crazy.

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