The fashion bullshit

A list of notorious fashion marketing empty claims

The fashion industry loves to discuss important matters that we would better describe as fashion bullshit.

How does the system work?
As soon as a new concept becomes popular in the fashion field, the proclamation gets released. So the word spreads. As a result, marketing takes over the subject right away. And, once marketing steps in, you can feel the smell of it. Indeed, you will perceive a sense of fakeness that permeates the whole set of communication.

As voices outside the chorus, we’ve created a list of some of the fashion bullshit: terms that, the more people in the field put at the centre of the discussion, the more they sound weird.

The fashion bullshit list:

usually said about things done and redone. Again and again. Eye roll when you hear this word.

a kind of mystical belief we like to talk about, but never happens.

or the fake representation of it. What remains after the voluntary shift towards overproduction and mass distribution.

Affordable luxury:
a total absurdity launched to compensate for the collapse of real luxury.

the biggest bullshit of our times. The majority of designers who wave this flag have no design imprint. Therefore, have no reason to exist.

possible or allowed only in fashion shows or advertising.

possible or allowed only in fashion shows or advertising.

possible or allowed only in fashion advertising. But please, don’t show up during fashion event!

gender-fluidity is popular in fashion shootings. But when you go shopping, items are divided by categories. And so, the shop assistant kindly invites you to shop in the section assigned to your gender.

possible only as co-branding (sharing a profit). However, very rare among fashion professionals as a genuine exchange.

did not report.

Does anyone have anything to add to this list?

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