For modern humans

Who you are

What you choose tells who you are. And what kind of worldview you are promoting. That is because we vote with our wallets, how and where we spend our money. So we decide to support one activity or the other by simply purchasing products. Though, the power people have is so underrated.

If you believe that the logo you are proud to show as a trophy on your handbags or clothing defines who you are, what we do is not for you. We can’t tell how many times people told us they bought logoed leather goods to impress colleagues or friends!

But if you know your value, this is for you. Indeed, you understand good design and quality. And you appreciate the importance of materials. If these are reasons you buy a product, this is for you.
Your style will impress, not a logo.

What you choose

Our selection is about meaningful garments we pick out from international brands and independent designers. Rarely you’ll see an exhibited logo as a way to catch your attention. And in case you’ll see a logo, there’s a specific reason other than the logo itself.

The fashion we love is about design, not branding

We love finding beautiful designs, and we know the materials we want to feel on our skin. Indeed, those who have already bought our clothing turn to us with their eyes closed. It’s a matter of trust we have built over time.
But if you are not familiar with the quality we select, taking just a quick look isn’t enough to understand the materials.

It takes attention to understand quality.

Contact us in private, we will explain. But, in the end, only when you wear something on you’ll understand the difference. Your skin will feel it.

No logo show-off. Good design and quality, that’s what we want.
This is the style #formodernhumans

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