The (ignorant) logo

You may think that a logo has something to do with style. We do not totally agree.

A recognizable logo applied not inside or on the reverse but visibly shown along the outer surfaces of clothing, handbags, shoes, or small leather goods is the way fashion Maisons can sustain their astronomical costs.

To this end, beauty products help even more. Indeed, frequently people know a designer’s name for the perfume and not for its original creations.

The return of the logo

But why has the exposed logo returned so much to fashion?

First of all, logos are recognized easily. Furthermore, people buy logoed items because they identify with them. In fact, those products offer a status symbol more than an element of style.
Even if that status is fake – and rude when too much logoed, people like to dream.

The fashion field was in crisis. Undoubtedly, logo-emblazoned pieces are the easiest way to sell more. Indeed easier to market.

Also, fashion in the era of social media has changed a lot. Specifically, Instagram played a huge role in this. In order to be visible, products must be more “instagrammable.” In fact, a logo gives that instant visual perception and recognition.

Moreover, during the social media era, the role of creative directors took over from designers. Figures who do not produce their work by elaborating on their design skills. But they put into the mix whatever they find.

This playground has encouraged the proliferation and growth of a shallow environment, which gave life to a sterile visual-centred culture. And, as a reflection to that, an ignorant fashion.

True style doesn’t show off logos. It is the expression of an innate gift. Of course, in case you do not possess it, you can train and improve it.
But one thing is sure: if you are self-confident and elegant, you don’t need to impress by showing off a logo!

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