Destroy to Create

Reimagining the Fashion Industry

Destroy the fashion industry, dismantle it entirely, to create something better.
On the day Dries Van Noten bids farewell to fashion, let’s take a moment to acknowledge all the brands that continue to put in the effort to create something meaningful amidst the senseless fashion landscape of today.

Actually, there were indications of Van Noten’s decision to step down from his eponymous brand. Specifically, when he launched the beauty line. In fact, it is telling that luxury brands are recognized more for their perfumes, lipsticks, or nail polishes than their clothing lines! Which says a lot about people’s perception of fashion. Now, Van Noten’s announcement explains the motivation behind the beauty line. Of course, it was a strategic, calculated business move to play it safe.

However, throughout his career, Van Noten remained steadfast in his singular vision, unfazed by the dictates of the press. He proudly declared himself a “small brand in a big fashion industry,” embodying a spirit of defiance against conformity.

Generating a new fashion industry #formodernhumans

Therefore, we think about all the designers we meet in our fashion research, aiming to assemble a wardrobe of meaningful pieces. Beyond the commercial giants, there is a multitude of small to tiny brands that offer exceptional value. These brave creatives are a beacon of hope. They dare to challenge the status quo, striving to redefine the essence of good design. And that in a world where people can only understand a famous label but hardly go beyond that.

So, we applaud these courageous dreamers, recognizing that we must dismantle the existing paradigm to usher in a new era of fashion. We must destroy to create a better fashion industry. Disrupt the conventional way of operating the business, the unethical practices, and the machinations of commerce. In their place, let us construct a new lexicon. One that starts by acknowledging reality. One rooted in accountability. And that promotes responsible creativity with respect for people and the planet.

In a world where we are drowning in plastic, waste and too much of everything, less is deemed more, but quality must reign supreme. We must embrace a philosophy of value, cherishing each garment as a testament to craftsmanship and integrity.
Destroy to create means leave the superfluous and embrace the essential, for in destruction lies the power to generate the new.

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