The Anthony Jacket

Contemporary Workwear #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Anthony Jacket by GoodNeighbors Shirts – from Tokyo, Japan.

We adore Japanese fashion! In fact, we like Japanese designers’ style, comfortable and refined.
Specifically, GoodNeighbors Shirts creates minimalist clothes for a modern lifestyle. Contemporary fashion, unisex and with a workwear touch.

By the way, skilled hands of craftsmen take care of the tailoring process in downtown Tokyo. Also, a special attention on reducing the use of fossil fuels limits its environmental impact.

Discover The Anthony Jacket

About the design
The Anthony is a well-tailored, collarless, boxy-shaped jacket with two maxi pockets at the front where you can put your mobile phone or notebook. Its minimal design stands out as it mixes elements of a cardigan, a shirt and a jacket. The result is a versatile workwear garment which you can adapt to different outfits. Specifically, this unisex jacket is made with delicate stitch work using 90 and 20 stitches. Also, there’s a pocketable and portable band on the back with snap buttons, which is attachable or detachable to your liking.

The Anthony Jacket

About the material
Corduroy: a material that keeps its charm unchanged over time.
100% cotton.

About the color
Peanut brown: a warm hue with a detachable yellow band on the back.

Dry clean.

Styling tips
Versatility is the creative idea of The Anthony Jacket, as it assembles elements of a cardigan, a shirt and a jacket. So, try it over a shirt or turtleneck for your office style, underneath your outerwear in winter. Or, just a T-shirt for your casual occasions. However, you will wear it a lot throughout the year.

How to purchase our selection:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for orders or any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience in person or via video call. 

International Shipping!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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