Activism: why do we need it?

Although frequently not understood, activism is a powerful communication tool when trying to make a change.

Why activism?

Our brains are so anaesthetized by comfort and habits that we have an altered perception. We stare like passive viewers, unable to react to the appalling occurrences flowing around us. And even if we have an idea of what is going on, perhaps we do not care. That is why we need activism: to awaken our sleepy consciences.

“The house is burning! Save the paintings!”

That seemed to be the reaction most people had when two girls, activists of the Just Stop Oil group, threw tomato soup over the “Sunflowers” – the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh at the National Gallery in London.

The painting had glass screen protection, so it was in no danger. But the act of protest spread huge reactions and strong criticism everywhere. Comments went from anger to derision, shock or big concern. For the painting, of course. Not for our planet, not for climate change. Not even for the oil crisis and the costs people cannot afford.

These are the words the activists from Just Stop Oil said:

“What is worth more, art or life?”

“Is it worth more than food? More than justice? Are you more concerned about the protection of a painting or the protection of our planet and people?

“We are not trying to make friends here. We are trying to make change. And unfortunately, this is how change happens!”

Perhaps raising awareness and trying to make a change when no one sees the emergency or no one wants to move a finger requires strong actions. Oil crises and climate crises are connected. People cannot afford oil, and the planet cannot afford it too.

If you find yourself upset about a painting that wasn’t even damaged rather than about the ongoing destruction of the biosphere, you are part of the problem.

Dear folks, the house is burning. Are you ok with it?

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Climate change, Fashion Taskforce and private jets

Climate change is the alarming issue we discuss frequently, but the sad irony behind the latest news is creepy.

G20 and COP26 – the world leaders meetings to address climate change represented the bla bla bla we are used to hearing. Words, not facts. In some cases, they offered us something to laugh about with their sleepy faces. Even if there’s nothing to laugh about, in fact, we should only cry for what we did to our planet, as it wasn’t our source of life.

Does it make sense to discuss Joe Biden flying on his jet to Rome and then to Glasgow? Is that the point? How about the other 400 VIP jets that landed in Glasgow for the occasion?
The problem wasn’t Joe Biden’s flight. The problem was all of them gathering together – 400 flights for a climate change summit! That is ridiculous!

To make it really sustainable, wasn’t it better to arrange a zoom meeting?
Perhaps they had some problem with their wi-fi. Or maybe, world leaders intended to make it appear more spectacular to make us believe they are doing it for real. Of course, they needed more impressive backgrounds than computer screens.

climate change - Killing me softly by Gianluca Traina
Killing me softly – by Gianluca Traina

The agreement: -30% gas emission by the end of the decade, and halt deforestation by 2030.

However, acknowledging that China, India and Russia didn’t show up is so sad. They can say whatever, but if the biggest polluters are unwilling to sit at the table and openly find a solution, we have lost at the start.

As a matter of fact, after the Paris agreement in 2015, nothing positive followed. On the contrary, a lot of bad events occurred.
That is the demonstration that capitalism will never change. And money rules even when the house is burning.

At G20 in Rome, Prince Charles guiding a Fashion Taskforce, launched the idea of the Digital ID: a digital passport that carries all the information of a garment in order to provide transparency and traceability.

Although they are the Illuminati, those who created the problem cannot be the solution. All the businessmen with skin in the game have no interest in real change.

Eventually, Draghi thanked the climate activists. And undoubtedly, that is the pathway to follow. Make the change and trust ourselves, not the world leaders.

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