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Summer style for mainstream fashion communication means purchasing many cheap clothing: dresses, t-shirts, swimsuits. Lowest price possible. “Because, you know, it’s cheap! So I can throw it away quickly.” Of course, these people blindly contribute to generating tons of waste, but they don’t seem to care.

However, from the perspective of “buy less, buy better” – which is our viewpoint – summer style is about wearing the same clothes, just styled differently. You don’t have to buy more. In fact, you need the right pieces only.

That is the point of choosing meaningful garments. It’s a matter of value. Take quality, not quantity. Clothes that last for decades and are never out of place. Indeed, they represent an understated elegance with a contemporary sense of style. Just change the shoes and accessories, and you adapt them to your current occasion.

summer style
Summer style: The Mesh Poncho by Meagratia + The Cross Strap Sandals by Antenora

For instance, take The Mesh Poncho by Meagratia. In town, you can wear it over a T-shirt or a dress. But at the beach, you can wear it over a swimsuit during the day or a pair of shorts or a maxi skirt for the evening. The material is soft cotton that feels good on your skin and falls beautifully on your body. Moreover, it’s a piece that offers multiple style options.

For your summer style, we would love to show you our niche selection of meaningful garments handpicked from international designers who have something to say in the fashion panorama. Uniqueness, far away from mass production.

Drop us an email or WhatsApp and we’ll help you choose the best pieces for you.

International Shipping available!

We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere. In order to provide unicity and a sustainable approach, our selection offers a limited number of pieces.

Treat yourself today! ❤️

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The Bicolour One-Piece

Elegance on the beach

Today we introduce The Bicolour One-Piece by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

Cinzia Cortesi is a new Italian beachwear brand we added this season. Well, it took a lot of time to find it. Indeed, we have seen so many brands, but we weren’t satisfied. For the quality or the design and, in many cases, for the image of the woman they propose.

Unfortunately, one image dominates the scene: fake lips, fake boobs, and too much of everything. Also frequently advertised by starlette or the new Insta celebrities. That depiction, to us, means nothing.
And if you have another idea of a woman and don’t feel represented by that image, finding something different isn’t an easy task.

And so, we searched until we saw Cinzia Cortesi Couture. Et voilà, her essential and refined style caught our attention!

The Bicolour One-Piece
The Bicolour One-Piece
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

Let’s see The Bicolour One-Piece in detail

About the design:
This item is a one-piece swimsuit with thin shoulder straps, a criss-cross front band and a self-knot at the back. Also, to provide that couture touch, the material is doubled. Thanks to the perfection of the pattern, the fit is excellent. Therefore, the silhouette is flattering and very elegant.

About the material:
The material is lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. Specifically, it’s a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand of the material is dense and looks like a crepe, but even if it’s solid, it has good drying properties.

About the colour:
Bicolour: black base with a beige criss-cross front band. An absolutely chic combination.

Styling tips
Wear it as a top with your favourite jeans or a black maxi skirt for your summer nights.

The Bicolour One-Piece is the swimsuit that lets you stand out in elegance!

Drop us a message for any further information. We’d love to assist you!

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Heading to the beach – The maxi shirt dress

Thinking about beach style gives a sense of joy and freedom. Indeed, getting ready for a holiday at the seaside sounds so good.

But to rock the perfect beach style, do we need to change our clothing completely?

We do not think so. In fact, it’s just a matter of styling the pieces in different ways and playing with the accessories.

For instance, take the maxi shirt dress. The ultimate seasonless item, it is one of the most versatile pieces. Its soft texture and shaped silhouette are absolutely unique.

In town, it is easy to match in a perfect layering style. Wear it with a pair of jeans, a skirt or try it unbuttoned on a dress, adding a belt to complete the look. When the weather is cold, the options are a top or turtleneck underneath or a cardigan over.

But at the seaside, when the sun shines, it’s time to roll up the sleeves, button-up only the top buttons, and match it with a pair of shorts and flat sandals. So, you are ready for a walk in the village.
Are you going to lunch at the beach? Wear the maxi shirt dress totally unbuttoned over your swimsuit. And don’t forget a straw hat.

There are garments worth investing in. And the maxi shirt dress is one of those.

We don’t need to buy tons of items. We need fewer pieces, but good quality.

Finally, in case you cannot buy our maxi shirt dress, this is our style advice. Take a shirt from your husband, boyfriend or father’s wardrobe. That oversized fit makes it so cool!

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