The Draped T-shirt

Timeless fashion #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Draped T-shirt by Marc Le Bihan.

Expression of quiet luxury, it’s a piece you’ll never get tired of wearing. It’s artisanal, therefore, far from standardized fashion. Its understated design with a soft side draping – a detail that underlines the couture touch, makes this t-shirt unique. Indeed, this luxury top is entirely hand-made, one by one, and not mass-produced. 

This meaningful garment with a timeless aesthetic, will ensure the uniqueness of your style. Which, in essence, is Marc le Bihan’s distinctive fashion. Since we don’t need to buy more, we only need a few pieces that make sense.

Discover The Draped T-shirt

About the design
This couture t-shirt features a wide neckline, short sleeves, and draping along the right side. So, the silhouette is asymmetric, but the design is minimal. Also, it is an artisanal product: each piece is made by hand, revealing the ultra care and attention Marc Le Bihan puts into all the details and workings.

The draped t-shirt
The Draped T-shirt by Marc Le Bihan

About the material
The material is 100% cotton with a soft hand feel. Hand dyed. 

About the colour
This item is available in two colours:
Anthracite: an understated hue, refined and elegant.
Anise: a vibrant light green that will boost your mood, but it lends to be combined with many colours.

The Draped T-shirt
The Draped T-shirt by marc Le Bihan

Styling tips
The anthracite version is a versatile piece which gives an understated glamour. While the anise adds a bold touch to your style. You can pair both with trousers or skirts, because of the unique design they work for evening attire, too. They are perfect underneath a mannish blazer for your office wear. Also, a leather or denim jacket for less formal occasions.

The Draped T-shirt will provide a sense of nonchalant elegance. Like a second skin, you’ll never get tired of wearing it!

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The Asymmetric Silk Top

Uncompromised fashion

Finally, and long-awaited, today we introduce The Asymmetric Silk Top – by Marc Le Bihan.

After giving you more information about the work of Marc Le Bihan designer and his uncompromised vision of fashion, it’s time to discover his unique pieces.

What stands out is that garments designed with mastery don’t need marketing labels (which are frequently fluff or fake). Why? Because those pieces have a soul. Therefore, they incapsulate all the values such as timelessness and sustainability now popular in fashion. But for a more selected audience who can understand good design and quality, straight to the point.

Discover The Asymmetric Silk Top

About the design
The idea starts from a slip top, two thin straps and a v neckline along the front and back. Specifically, two overlapped layers of silk, with raw-cut hemline, shape an asymmetric drape along the right side, which recalls a long tail. Indeed, in the unique silhouette and richness of the material lies the absolute beauty of the design.

About the material
100% silk. The hand is soft and slightly shiny. Moreover, its creased effect makes this top suitable not only for special occasions but for a dose of nonchalant elegance.

The Asymmetric Silk Top
The Asymmetric Silk Top
by Marc Le Bihan

About the colour
Rose poudre: a delicate dusty shade which is feminine and easy to match.

Dry clean.
However, it is possible to wash carefully by hand in cold water with very soft soap and add white vinegar to prevent colour loss.

This statement top is seasonless and timeless, and it works from elegant to refined-cool situations.
Our styling tips: try it with a maxi skirt or a white or black tuxedo for elegant occasions. But we like it with red or denim too for aperitivo or dinner. And why not with a pair of shorts and flat sandals for your summer evenings.

The Asymmetric Silk Top will make you feel unique wherever you are.

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