The Robe Ballon

Artisanal Fashion and Couture #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Robe Ballon by Marc Le Bihan – from Paris.

In a fashion industry known for mass production, Marc Le Bihan’s couture stands out, like a world apart, detached from the rest. In fact, each piece of clothing is made by hand in his atelier in Paris. His exceptional artisanal work unveils a unique design through impeccable tailoring. So, it’s a true rarity for connoisseurs or free spirits.
By the way, does it make any sense to conform to this fashion industry? 

Marc Le Bihan reveals the value of excellence guiding us through timeless fashion where quality remains at its top, style is not transient, and clothes made to last. From this perspective, one meaningful garment rather than tons of disposable pieces is a choice of worth. What you get is more than what you paid.

Discover The Robe Ballon

About the design
This bi-material dress features a balloon silhouette, and its under-knee length gives a beautiful proportion. See-through mesh sleeves contrasting a Prince of Wales fabric. Also, it combines a boat neckline on one side with a round neckline on the opposite. Two side slip pockets. Raw hemlines. Fully lined. Between avant-garde, femininity and couture, its minimal design results in an elegant and timeless dress.

The Robe Ballon

About the material
The body of the dress is in a Prince of Wales fabric, while the sleeves are in a see-through mesh.
60% wool – 20% PA

About the colour
Dark grey body plus black sleeves.

Dry clean.

Styling tips
The Robe Ballon is an elegant dress suitable for multiple styling options. Underneath a wool cardigan or jacket and black boots, it works for your office style. Switch to elegant shoes, and you’ll be unique on special occasions. Also, we like reversing the neckline so you can wear the boat or round neckline on the front.

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International Shipping!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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Fashion out of the beaten paths

Emotions & beauty in a distinct venue

Come and discover fashion out of the beaten paths, where you’ll find exceptional artisanal work made with care and love for uniqueness.

Walking through showrooms for our Spring-Summer 24 research, it’s been amazing to witness the work of some designers who express their own vision of fashion. Those who follow their own path, meaning they don’t feel involved in the latest trends just to sell more. Those who offer a good design, beautiful fabrics, and timeless quality. Away from the commercial logic of overproduction and mass distribution. Precisely, they do the opposite. Few words and hard work. Therefore, they provide real value.

A path of recognizable value

For instance, entering Marc Le Bihan‘s space was like opening the Narnia door: you open it and get in a world apart. Set up in a post-industrial structure, a large room with big windows from which a late summer September sun brightened the garments. After a look around, a shiny black piano in a corner gave us a clue we didn’t get immediately, just because we did not expect it. Indeed, while peaking through the clothing along the perimeter of the four-room sides, we noticed a wood bar behind them. So we connected the dots: it was a dance school! 

Fashion out of the beaten paths

Marc Le Bihan’s “Danseuse Line” has found the perfect frame. But so it was for the gorgeous pristine white lace or linens, the silk slip dresses in different shapes. And the tye-dye knitwear. Likewise, Jean-Francois Mimilla’s materic jewels, whose precious crocheted hand work makes them unique. 

Uniqueness out of the beaten paths

And so, the atmosphere was unique, warm, quiet and poetic. Marc le Bihan’s clothes, like Jean Francois Mimilla jewels, delivered a tactile experience made of dreamy creativity, out of the ordinary, and, because of its uniqueness, even more beautiful.

Independent designers and artisanal fashion provide the opportunity to own unique, high-quality pieces that are not mass-produced or widely available. That is the essence of luxury style.

However, the whole set-up affirmed that there’s still something meaningful in fashion. It doesn’t have to mingle with the mainstream. Indeed, it’s not for all, but you can find exceptional fashion out of the beaten paths. 

Another note of appreciation: the space was fully accessible. Don’t take it for granted in the fashion field!

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The Silk Slip Dress

Artisanal fashion excellence #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Silk Slip Dress by Marc Le Bihan.

More than a 90’s comeback, it is a real timeless piece of artisanal couture. Its minimal design will make you stand out without screaming. Indeed, it’s the essence of elegance.

No one like Marc Le Bihan provides that sense of nonchalant elegance, which is understated, and never out of place. But also, his design makes you want to wear beautiful pieces in your everyday life. Because you build your wardrobe of meaningful garments over time with items you love to wear. Clothes you select with attention, privileging quality over quantity, choosing that special one rather than a shopping bag full of disposable fashion.

Discover The Silk Slip Dress

About the design
The design point is a sleek slip dress featuring thin shoulder straps, a draping front neckline and a v-cut along the back. Impeccable tailoring. Fluid straight line and a relaxed fit. Under knee length.
Understated, timeless, seasonless, artisanal couture.

The Silk Slip Dress
The Silk Slip Dress

About the material
100% silk. The fabric has a soft touch and a creased effect.

About the colour
This item is available in two colours:
Anthracite: an understated hue which is refined and elegant.
Anise: a vibrant light green that will boost your mood, but it lends to be combined with many colours.

Dry clean.
However, you can wash it carefully by hand in cold water with soap for delicate fabrics and add white vinegar to prevent colour loss.

Styling tips
Wear The Silk Slip Dress as a versatile seasonless garment. In winter, complete it with a wool cardigan and boots. During the spring and summer seasons, underneath a sweatshirt or a mannish blazer and flat sandals, depending on the situation.
Also, for special occasions, pair it with heels. You don’t need anything else!

How to purchase from us:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience – physical or via video call. 

International Shipping available! 
We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

In order to provide unicity and a sustainable approach, our selection offers a limited number of pieces.

Treat yourself today! ❤️

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The Draped T-shirt

Timeless fashion #formodernhumans

Today we introduce The Draped T-shirt by Marc Le Bihan.

Expression of quiet luxury, it’s a piece you’ll never get tired of wearing. It’s artisanal, therefore, far from standardized fashion. Its understated design with a soft side draping – a detail that underlines the couture touch, makes this t-shirt unique. Indeed, this luxury top is entirely hand-made, one by one, and not mass-produced. 

This meaningful garment with a timeless aesthetic, will ensure the uniqueness of your style. Which, in essence, is Marc le Bihan’s distinctive fashion. Since we don’t need to buy more, we only need a few pieces that make sense.

Discover The Draped T-shirt

About the design
This couture t-shirt features a wide neckline, short sleeves, and draping along the right side. So, the silhouette is asymmetric, but the design is minimal. Also, it is an artisanal product: each piece is made by hand, revealing the ultra care and attention Marc Le Bihan puts into all the details and workings.

The draped t-shirt
The Draped T-shirt by Marc Le Bihan

About the material
The material is 100% cotton with a soft hand feel. Hand dyed. 

About the colour
This item is available in two colours:
Anthracite: an understated hue, refined and elegant.
Anise: a vibrant light green that will boost your mood, but it lends to be combined with many colours.

The Draped T-shirt
The Draped T-shirt by marc Le Bihan

Styling tips
The anthracite version is a versatile piece which gives an understated glamour. While the anise adds a bold touch to your style. You can pair both with trousers or skirts, because of the unique design they work for evening attire, too. They are perfect underneath a mannish blazer for your office wear. Also, a leather or denim jacket for less formal occasions.

The Draped T-shirt will provide a sense of nonchalant elegance. Like a second skin, you’ll never get tired of wearing it!

International Shipping available!

We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

How to purchase from us:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience – physical or via video call. 

Contact us! We’d love to help!

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Limited number of pieces: our fashion alternative

Why limited quantities pave the way to sustainable fashion

The production of a limited number of pieces represents an alternative in the fashion industry. Indeed, it is a viable approach towards sustainable fashion.

It means producing much less without forcing the market to pursue never-ending growth. The purpose is to limit the impact of the fashion industry on the planet while protecting workers with decent wages. But, at the same time, offering quality and not quantity to consumers.
We are far from the scarcity principle and the fear of missing out, developed to manipulate people’s behaviour. Those patterns fake scarcity to hide a system of overproduction. Because of this massified production, the fashion system needs parallel markets, frequent markdowns and marketing tricks to push people to consume more and more.

The sustainable solution

Garments and accessories made by skilled tailors or crafted by artisans. In the hands of a healthier and more balanced manufacturing chain, those limited production would have a lower impact on the planet. This system includes small reorders and a made-to-order service for retailers. In the end, clients would get real quality pieces made to last rather than disposable fashion.

Unique fashion and sustainability: a limited number of pieces, our retail approach

We have reduced the quantities we buy from each brand we select. Perhaps they are not happy with it, but they cannot deny there’s a new reality, so we must face it and find solutions. Even though some brands come from Japan, which you may consider less sustainable, since quantities are small, the impact is low. Microscopic compared to the fashion supermarkets like big retailers or dept. stores.

Indeed, a limited number of pieces is our commitment to uniqueness and sustainability. Specifically, we are satisfied with Marc Le Bihan, who gave the opportunity of a made-to-order service to those who appreciate his unique designs.

Eventually, we can foster the status quo, pursuing an exploitative system. Or, we can explore alternatives.
We chose to work for a different possibility, an evolution, a change for the better. And a limited number of pieces is our commitment to unique fashion and sustainability.

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