Like a common flu? Not really!

You have heard this before: “Covid is like a common flu.” Well, not really.
Most importantly, generalising and selfish thinking can be dangerous.

We are sisters, and we work together. And so it means we spend a lot of time in direct contact. The bad news is that about ten days ago, we tested positive for Covid, and we feel devastated.

Now we are on the mend, but still, we have no energy to handle our working routine fully, so this is not one of our usual posts. But we wanted to leave a message to those who said, or still say, that Covid is just like a common flu.

No, it is not! It’s worse than that.

If you’ve had mild symptoms and can only look at your own garden, it’s ok, do it and think selfishly. But do not assume that it works the same for everyone else.

By the way, we hope that protecting the weakest and a sense of social responsibility will prevail over individual protection.

Thanks for your supportive messages.

Ro and Cri