NO SALES: what you can do to change for the better

Your sustainable act of consciousness

It’s the second year of our NO SALES resolution. If you come across our activity by chance, you may discover now that we do not participate in sales or promotions anymore.

What is the reason?

The market is hyper-saturated, filled to the brim with disposable clothing. Heavy discounts and obsessive promotions are indicators of a sick system. They reflect an economy based on overproduction, which compels the unceasing growth of fake needs. So, blind consumers are manipulated and induced to buy whatever products.

Of course, sales are not a sustainable strategy

Independent businesses or local and small activities cannot follow big corporations on this unhealthy plan. That exploits the environment and needs slavery to thrive.
Also, the retail price should take into account creativity, quality and labour. Therefore, fair wages for the production chain.

Once we have realised the whole economic system is corrupted, we have decided not to conform to fashion standards anymore. And so, we have reduced the quantity we order every season. And by refining our selection, we opted for a capsule wardrobe focused only on meaningful items.

This is what:

• We don’t need quantity anymore
• We choose quality and good design
• We select items made to last
• Fair wages for all the production chain

We are here to make something different, to change for the better. And to promote conscious fashion and slower consumption.
If the status quo is what you still want to support, just look around. It’s everywhere. You don’t need us.

But if you have lost that frenzy and search for value instead, we are here for you. Uniqueness is our strength. Indeed you won’t find anyone dressed like you.

No Sales!

No sales – is your act of consciousness.
And it’s the ultimate sustainable economic model for a long-term approach which supports creativity, quality, and fair wages.

It is time not to conform to a worldview that leads to destruction.

No sales mean less stuff, more meaning.
It’s a radical and conscious lifestyle choice #formodernhumans