Italy, the end of fur farming

Italy shuts down fur farming.
Good news! Animal killing for fur production has been banned in Italy. Despite profit and vanity, once in a while, an ethical choice wins.

It is a fact we do not need fur to warm our bodies anymore. And we have known it for a long time. Killing animals for the sole purpose of garnishing our clothing and accessories has completely lost its sense in our modern society. We are not primitives, and the era of the ’50s divas is gone.
Furthermore, there are so many alternatives to keep the body warm when it’s cold or decorate our garments, avoiding all that insane cruelty.

So finally, in Italy too, the Government has passed a law to ban this horrendous practice. From January 2022, the ban on Italian soil for fur farming, breeding in captivity and killing minks, foxes, raccoons, chinchillas and other animals of any species used to obtain fur is official. And the mink farms will close within six months.

Not all evil leads to harm

When the pandemic hit, many fur farms in the Netherlands reported numerous cases of Covid-19. Soon it came out that minks spread the virus because they are particularly sensitive to it. They can be infected and then transmit the virus in a modified form. Therefore, they represent a high risk for public health. Of course, that discovery has contributed to making the decision to close fur farming.

Many countries in Europe have already moved or are moving in that direction. But, even if they all banned fur production, it’s still possible to commercialize fur items everywhere. What’s the point? It is obvious that someone will benefit from this situation. And that “someone” is China.

This law is one step forward. But banning fur farming is not enough. To solve this issue, a ban on commercializing fur items must follow.

Perpetrating animal abuse is a cruel practice – definitely NOT a choice #formodernhumans