No Black Friday Manifesto

Towards a healthier lifestyle

No Black Friday Manifesto #formodernhumans
We are against the ‘shop and toss’ habit, impulsive buying, and overconsumption.
A way of life that is harming people and the planet to the point of no return.
Indeed, these are layers of a toxic profit-oriented society that wants to create fake needs for unsatisfied people.
Undoubtedly, this system could not thrive without using tricks to sell the massive overproduction at the base of its reckless structure.

On the contrary, we choose to educate ourselves on thoughtful consumption and a healthier lifestyle.

Quality andless but better’ represent the guiding values. In fact, modern humans are conscious consumers.

We respect people, and we understand the worth of their work.
We appreciate the products we select.
We value quality, and we value our customers.

Don’t buy pointless shit. Say no to Black Friday!

No Black Friday Manifesto

And once you are aware of how things are, let’s spread this consciousness together.

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