Paris Fashion Week FW 24-25

Between Creativity and Unsold Stock Challenges

The journey that began in Milan found its continuation during Paris Fashion Week FW 24-25, where brands grappled with the delicate balance between staying true to their essence and adapting to market demands. While some redefined their identities, others sadly destroyed them (for instance, Ann Demeulemeester and McQueen who followed Balenciaga’s horrors).

Throughout the week, designers started from ordinary clothes, reimagining basic shapes into elevated pieces. The point is that currently elaborated garments are more difficult to sell. Therefore, brands created pieces that are not only visually captivating but also commercially viable.

A few highlights from the Paris Fashion Week FW 24-25

Let’s delve into a few highlights from the Paris Fashion Week FW 24-25:

Finally, Chloé made a triumphant return to its roots, presenting a collection reminiscent of its signature style, featuring fluid chiffon gowns and blouses with a strong sense of boho-chic. In fact, the reference to Karl Lagerfeld was evident, just the nameplate belt felt excessive.

Balmain showed sculptured silhouettes juxtaposed with some wearable pieces. Clothes adorned with maxi grape bunches in the shape of jewels or small handbags. However, in this défilé, we particularly appreciated the choice of middle-aged women in natural face glows. Celebrating beauty beyond age, the brand sent a positive message. Also, these women represent the clients who can actually afford luxury clothing. In fact, the designers target young girls, which is somehow disturbing. Of course, except for a few lucky ones, young girls do not have money for luxury stuff.

The fashion industry seems to have shifted its focus from plus-sized models to middle-aged women. While plus-size models almost disappeared, beautiful middle-aged women walked the runways in stunning elegance. Is this a genuine attempt by the fashion industry to change stereotypes or just another fleeting trend?

Undercover stood out for its poetic portrayal of womanhood. With its clothing dedicated to a single mom, it has been the most poetic show. No music, just a quiet voice in the background. The words, written and read by filmmaker Wim Wenders, told the story of a single mom and her personal journey. Beautiful!

We found it interesting the no-social-media policy of The Row. In fact, they banned phones, inviting the audience to take notes on notebooks they provided. This decision brought back a certain magic, keeping people focused on the show and not on their screens. It allowed attendees to immerse themselves in the experience without distractions. It is a matter of taking time to live the event in full presence. To think and digest. And only after, share. That brings back the “thrill and wait” social media have taken down.

Creativity vs unsold stock challenges

On their Instagram account, Paris Fashion Week shared a quote from Tiziana Cardini, a contributor to “Fashion is a resilient and elastic creature. It adapts and evolves. It will always offer imagination and comfort to even the harshest reality.”

However, amidst the creative fervour and positive strides, the industry faces the harsh reality of unsold inventory, as highlighted by LVMH and Kering’s challenges. This discrepancy raises questions about the sustainability of current practices and the need for innovative solutions to address excess stock.

As the Paris Fashion Week FW 24-25 draws to a close, where is the evolution or adaptability? Do you see any of it in the fashion industry?

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