The Noel Shirt

Contemporary fashion #formodernhumans

Today, we introduce The Noel Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirts – from our Japanese fashion selection.

Music and art inspire the GoodNeighbors Shirts collections. Indeed, by playing with functional and stylish details, its 7-day shirt concept is contemporary and perfectly suitable to a modern lifestyle. 

Skilled hands of craftsmen take care of the tailoring process in downtown Tokyo. And a special attention on reducing the use of fossil fuels limits its environmental impact.

Garment values: timelessseasonlessgenderlesscomfortable, easy-care.

Discover The Noel Shirt

About the design
Noel is a well-tailored regular collar shirt with a wide silhouette. In addition, one front open pocket and one side slip pocket. The shoulders are comfortable, and the trapeze line slightly widens towards the hem. Specifically, this unisex shirt is made with delicate stitch work using 90 and 20 stitches. Also, there’s a pocketable and portable band on the back with snap buttons, which is attachable or detachable to your liking. Takase shell button front closure. These shell buttons are the byproduct of the food manufacturing process, which otherwise would be wasted, making them sustainable.

The Noel Shirt

About the material
100% cotton. The firm, highly textured fabric is a comfortable, wide fabric that resembles hotel sheets. 

About the colour
Dark Gray, with a detachable yellow band on the back. 

Easy care. Wash by hand.

Styling tips
The Noel Shirt is a refined addition to your workwear outfits. Pair it with black trousers for a formal occasion. Or dress it down with jeans for a casual one. Also, we like overlapping two shirts. By the way, seasonless clothes are a great sustainable choice, so match this shirt with your clothes and wear it all year round.

How to purchase our selection:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for orders or any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience in person or via video call. 

International Shipping available!
From Milano, our fashion selection #formodernhumans is available for international delivery.

Exclusive Fashion
Our selection intentionally offers limited pieces to ensure uniqueness and a sustainable approach 🖤

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The fashion dinosaur

Why aren’t fashion people adapting to the new context?

The fashion industry looks like a dinosaur that, no matter what happens around it, keeps doing the same stuff as it has always done.

In Milano, we are boiling. Literally. Physically. Around 26 to 30 degrees Celsius. We’d rather go back to the beach! People wear short-sleeved cotton T-shirts and lightweight cotton jackets for the office. But we sweat like in August. And even if there’s a light rain today, it’s definitely not the wool weather. The situation doesn’t seem much different across Europe.

We are going to get Fall/Winter clothing collections soon, which we postponed a little. It didn’t seem so urgent, at least from our viewpoint, to sell wool trousers. Well, unless someone plans to go to Norway! In that case, let us know, and we’ll find something cool for you.
Also, the Milano Fashion Week is about to start, but the fundamentals are always the same.

Climate change & the fashion dinosaur

Hey, climate change is real. In this abnormal context, which seems the new normal, does it make sense to work as we have always done? Can’t we evolve towards something different?

For brands: What’s the point of planning collections as they have always done? Following a pattern totally disconnected from reality – is it what we need now?

For people who buy fashion: Does it make sense to follow brands, shops, or people who urge you to purchase clothes out of the actual context?

More seasonless fashion: the style #formodernhumans

What changes should the fashion industry make to adapt to the new context? The industry needs to set up collections differently, choosing natural materials and leaner selling patterns. Less mass products, more tailoring and made-to-order. More seasonless designs.

However, it would be interesting to understand why people don’t understand brands that offer an alternative fashion concept. Indeed, we would like to hear your thoughts on this point.

Do you know you can buy seasonless items if you need something new? More and more, it makes sense to focus on seasonless clothing because it is more adaptable to different weather conditions. And with a proper layering style, you can wear these garments throughout the year.

In the end, dinosaurs have gone extinct. So will the fashion dinosaur if we do not make a change.

Share your thoughts with us! Comment here below or WhatsApp directly from here!

The Military Bag

A cool timeless accessory

Among the new arrivals, today we recommend – The Military Bag.
Big size. (Yes, it means there is also a smaller version which we will show you later).

Although it is part of the Spring / Summer 22 ZUCCa collection, this is undoubtedly a seasonless item. Indeed you can use it to complete your style throughout the year.

About the design
The design point of this cool military bag is a large three-dimensional pocket with a vertical zip fastening. Also, cotton fabric is sandwiched by nylon fabric and double stitched. And the puckering stitching highlights the military image.
The typical ZUCCa item specification tag is stitched on the outer maxi pocket.

The Military Bag - ZUCCa
The Military Bag – ZUCCa

With a top zip fastening, this shoulder bag has two top handles too, meaning you can carry it by hand or crossbody. In fact, the shoulder strap is adjustable and removable. In addition to the pocket on the outside, there are two more pockets on the inside.

A4 size can be stored inside, making it ideal for daily use such as commuting to work or school. However, it is perfect when you travel.

About the colour
Black – or, the goes with everything colour. This accessory is easy to match, indeed doesn’t require any particular style advice.

Bag size: W31 cm X H30 cm X D5 cm
Material: 100% nylon

Timeless – seasonless – genderless #formodernhumans
These are the fashion values embodied in this day bag.
Practical and functional, it’s a cool bag you will never get tired of carrying with you.

We’ll be happy to assist you and reply to your questions or requests. So, if you may need any further information, feel free to drop us an email, DM or WhatsApp!