The Military Pants

Genderless fashion #formodernhumans

Among the new arrivals for the Spring-Summer 23, today we introduce The Military Pants by Meagratia.

These trousers are unisex and timeless. Also, the quality and seams are excellent. Although conceived for the Spring/Summer season, you will wear them for a large part of the year.

Meagratia is a cool Japanese brand whose designer, Takafumi Sekine, has a very personal vision of fashion design. Specifically, he reinterprets vintage garments creating a contemporary style for modern humans. His sense of elegance is subtle and never excessive. Indeed, his clothes are so rich in details but wearable.

Discover The Military Pants

About the design
The inspiration comes from the Italian army motorcycle vintage pants. These wide-leg trousers feature many details: a waist belt with a slanted front button fastening. Also, a drawstring waist with a satin cord allows you to adjust the fit to your size. Another beautiful design point is a button along the ankle. Indeed, by changing the position of it, you will be able to wear the trousers in two different ways, changing the silhouette completely.
Two side slip pockets and two buttoned back pockets.

The Military Pants
The Military Pants by Meagratia

About the material
100% cotton with an elegant image.

About the colour
Khaki: a timeless basic nuance you can easily match with many other colours.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Military Pants are a versatile and easy-to-match item. Indeed, they work from casual to more elegant outfits. You can pair them with a blazer for your workwear and office outfit. Also, with a beautiful top for an evening occasion. Or an untucked shirt for your weekend style.
In every situation, your style will be unique!

International Shipping available!

We are based in Milano but ship our niche fashion selection #formodernhumans everywhere.

How to order:

Drop us an email or WhatsApp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience – physical or via video call. We’d love to help!

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The Semi-Flared Jeans

FW 22-23 new arrivals

Today we introduce The Semi-Flared Jeans – by Zucca.

At a slow pace, we are entering the new Fall/ Winter 2022-23 season. By the way, slow fashion also means introducing the new items when it makes sense. The modern habit of selling winter items during the summer season, or vice versa, is a system conceived to promote overconsumption. So we should all leave it behind because it is not sustainable.

Indeed, we are receiving some great new pieces we ordered during the previous selling campaign. And so, these days, we are unpacking the garments and quality checking. Like two kids in a candy shop, we review the pieces and can’t wait to start introducing each item in detail.

So we’ll start with something you can wear immediately. Of course, the concepts of good design and quality to provide a timeless style are always the focus. It’s all about serving you with meaningful pieces made to last.

New arrivals: The Semi-Flared Jeans

The Semi-Flared Jeans

About the design
These white denim trousers have a semi-flared silhouette, high-waisted line, and five pockets. Also, there’s a front zip closure plus a button. The cut of these jeans stands out and enhances your silhouette. Indeed, this item is basic but so stylish.

About the material
The material is 100% cotton: thick and smooth organic cotton suitable for cold weather. And the garment is washed to get a unique hand-feel effect.

About the colour
White: inspired by tailored, work wear, military, and punk styles. And so, a monochrome colour that creates a cool and sophisticated mood.

Wash by hand separately.

Styling tips
These jeans are the perfect item to start the season in style. They are easy to mix with tops and jackets and perfect for your workwear. But please, pay attention to dark colours which may transfer onto it.

We ship everywhere!

Drop us an email or Whatsapp for any further information. Also, you can book your private shopping experience, physical or via video call.
We’d love to help!

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The Melange Wave Pull

Today we introduce The Melange Wave Pull – by Plantation.
Among the Spring/Summer new arrivals, this sweater is indeed a seasonless item.

Since we are not a fashion supermarket, but, on the contrary, we offer a precise selection of meaningful pieces – unique garments that make a difference, we enjoy showing you all the details. Some features that through a digital screen wouldn’t be easy to notice. We pay close attention and care when we pick out the garments, and with the same care, we want to tell you the stories behind the pieces. The beauty of the design and the quality of the materials.

Discover The Melange Wave Pull

About the design
This volcano-neck sweater has a clean neck, three-quarter sleeves, and a relaxed fit. The silhouette is minimal and easy to use daily. Also, the material design shows a refined wavy stripes effect.
Thanks to the unique texture of the material, the surface that touches the skin is very soft and comfortable, so you can use it as innerwear too.

The Melange Wave Pull - by Plantation
The Melange Wave Pull – by Plantation1982

About the material
100% cotton. Fine cotton combed yarn with a good texture is first made into a skein and then dyed unevenly with a pigment dye.
The technique uses a particular kind of dyeing that produces colour differences in shades. This material has a bumpy texture. Specifically, the structure is wavy, so it does not stick to your body and gives a pleasant touch.

About the colour
A delicate warm yellow. It is a colour that gives you a sense of depth with shades due to the melange dyeing.

Hand washable, easy-care.
You can wash this item by hand at home.

Comfortable to wear, pleasant on the skin, and easy to match.
The Melange Wave Pull is a beautiful piece, perfect for the change of season and for your layering style.

DM for any further info. We’d love to help!

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The Striped T-shirt

A classic with a twist

Today, we introduce one of our favourite items for the new Spring/Summer 22 season: The Striped T-Shirt.

We still name items by the season, as is the convention. But of course, the garments we select do not have any expiry date. We will never stop saying this, it’s a fundamental concept. Indeed, we firmly believe that you/we have to wear the clothing we purchase as long as possible. For a lifetime, because that’s the purpose of buying quality pieces. Also, it’s not a marketing trend for us. In fact, we have repeated those words since our very first beginning about sixteen years ago. And it’s not about being ahead, but having a deep sense of value and respect for what we do.

For stripes lovers

This top is a real classic, and it’s made special by a unique design. Yes, you can find striped t-shirts, but it’s way more difficult to find a good design associated with them.

The Striped T-shirt
The Striped T-shirt – by ZUCCa

About the design
Made of Basque cotton material with a border that gives a little elasticity, this top has three-quarter sleeves and a boat neckline. The three-dimensional silhouette with a narrow hem pushes the seemingly simple cut-and-sew to the leading role. In other words, it’s a basic that stands out. Easy to wear, comfortable, and easy-care but really cool.

About the material
The material is a matte, striped Basque cotton, of an average thickness and slightly elasticized.

About the colour
Beige and black border, because we wanted to offer you something different. Moreover, it’s easy to mix and match.

Laundry: Hand washable
This item can be hand-washed at home.

Put on The Striped T-shirt, and you’ll get an extra dose of style right away.

We invite you to contact us for any further information, we are happy to assist you.

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The Oversized Blouson

Unpacking new arrivals is always a happy moment. Indeed, we are taking this chance to introduce you to our Fall/Winter 21 pieces as soon as they come in.

As fashion news reports these days, fast fashion is booming, back to the pre-pandemic levels. Like nothing happened.
Overproduction and overconsumption are still ruling. Why question it!

However, we moved in the opposite direction, our worldview is different, and we believe in a more conscious way to live and work.
‘Consume less’ is the imperative, a lifestyle approach from now on. With these words written on a post-it in front of us, we made our selection for the coming season. And for the following ones too.
We only select clothing that makes a difference.

Discover our new arrivals: The Oversized Blouson

For the Fall/Winter season, we picked out a beautiful oversized blouson. It’s from ZUCCA – a Japanese brand known to a fashion-conscious audience for its unique cuts and design.

Mustard yellow oversized blouson •
By Zucca
The Oversized Blouson

The material is sweatshirt – 100% cotton. Therefore you may expect a sporty garment. But, it is not. The hand of the fabric is shiny and stiff, providing a unique texture to the jacket. When we select a sweatshirt, it is never too casual. Surely, we do not renounce elegance.

Asymmetric side buttoned, it has a wide collar and a loose silhouette.
The line is stylish and comfortable. All the stitching details along the inside are made with special care. So it will look neat even when worn unbuttoned.

The colour? Mustard yellow. This season we need some bright hues to boost a sense of joy. You can match it with soft tones for an understated outfit or with bright colours to stand out. The final result is up to you, your personality or your mood.

Last but not least, you can wash it by hand.

We are happy to help you with style advice or any discussion that may arise about fashion and lifestyle.

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