Styling options: what you need to know

Styling options multiply when you choose good design and quality. If you choose wisely and mix them with the proper styling, you’ll be able to wear your beautiful clothes in multiple ways. Therefore, you don’t need to buy plenty of pieces that last a couple of months.

Indeed, it’s about putting together a capsule wardrobe of meaningful pieces. Of course, the price tag is not cheap. And maybe you will not take many items all at once. But, in the long run, the design and quality of the clothes you have decided to buy will make the difference.

Why? Quality and design make clothes last much longer. And even if the shape is minimal, they always stand out.

Styling options

Buy less, buy better

Styling options

For instance, take “The V Neck One Piece” in cyclamen pink. The quality of the fabric is so good that it feels gratifying to wear it and sense it on your skin. Also, the design is cool, and the fit is perfect. Therefore, you can wear it at the beach for sunbathing or swimming. But it’s so flattering and stylish that you can also wear it in town.

So try it as a top with white cotton trousers or jeans and flat shoes. And when the weather is a little cooler, put on an oversized mannish blazer or a denim jacket.

Same you can do with the other one-piece swimsuits and high waist bikinis we have selected. And if you may have any doubt, drop us a message! We are happy to answer your questions.

So, yes! You will buy lesser pieces. But you’ll take beautiful clothes you’ll love to wear, and your styling options multiply because they always stand out.

Most importantly, you don’t buy clothes to throw away quickly but timeless items that last a lifetime.
And guess what? Your wardrobe will be sustainable for real!

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Different choices

Challenging the status quo

Making different choices, or doing the opposite of what others do, seems to be a valuable strategy. Indeed, standing apart is better than offering a mere homologation to consumerism and blind convenience. Which is the mass culture.

People have a choice. It may seem simple, but it is a fact. And our choices define the world we live in. What happens around us doesn’t occur by chance but is intentional. No supernatural force intervenes, only our own will. Therefore, the reality that surrounds us is the product of our actions, of our lifestyle.

Once you understand that, the change comes as a result, even if you have to go first. But when you move in a different direction, touch on specific topics, and use a certain language, you narrow down the people who would interact with you. In fact, you challenge the status quo while everyone follows it.

The market is vast, and the grand bazaar is always open. But, despite the vastness, the proposals are homologated, and lowering the bar is still the norm. In fact, even in a devastating moment, which was supposed to bring in a shift in behaviour, there is no understanding of the impact of our lifestyle choices.

Different choices #formodernhumans

Over two decades in the fashion field, we have gained more knowledge and a deeper level of consciousness. And we evolved, taking a different path.
Change comes from the inside, so we have started with ourselves and our individual choices. But it’s visible through what we select and how. The quality and limited quantity we pick out.

You will not find the fashion supermarket with us but a capsule selection of meaningful garments. There is a reason for every piece we choose. That is how we make a difference.

We make our choices consistent with our values, aware that changing the way we work can be incomprehensible to many. But understandable for those who see the possibilities. For modern humans, away from mass culture.

And we hope you will be with us.

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For modern humans

Who you are

What you choose tells who you are. And what kind of worldview you are promoting. That is because we vote with our wallets, how and where we spend our money. So we decide to support one activity or the other by simply purchasing products. Though, the power people have is so underrated.

If you believe that the logo you are proud to show as a trophy on your handbags or clothing defines who you are, what we do is not for you. We can’t tell how many times people told us they bought logoed leather goods to impress colleagues or friends!

But if you know your value, this is for you. Indeed, you understand good design and quality. And you appreciate the importance of materials. If these are reasons you buy a product, this is for you.
Your style will impress, not a logo.

What you choose

Our selection is about meaningful garments we pick out from international brands and independent designers. Rarely you’ll see an exhibited logo as a way to catch your attention. And in case you’ll see a logo, there’s a specific reason other than the logo itself.

The fashion we love is about design, not branding

We love finding beautiful designs, and we know the materials we want to feel on our skin. Indeed, those who have already bought our clothing turn to us with their eyes closed. It’s a matter of trust we have built over time.
But if you are not familiar with the quality we select, taking just a quick look isn’t enough to understand the materials.

It takes attention to understand quality.

Contact us in private, we will explain. But, in the end, only when you wear something on you’ll understand the difference. Your skin will feel it.

No logo show-off. Good design and quality, that’s what we want.
This is the style #formodernhumans

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