Styling options: what you need to know

Styling options multiply when you choose good design and quality. If you choose wisely and mix them with the proper styling, you’ll be able to wear your beautiful clothes in multiple ways. Therefore, you don’t need to buy plenty of pieces that last a couple of months.

Indeed, it’s about putting together a capsule wardrobe of meaningful pieces. Of course, the price tag is not cheap. And maybe you will not take many items all at once. But, in the long run, the design and quality of the clothes you have decided to buy will make the difference.

Why? Quality and design make clothes last much longer. And even if the shape is minimal, they always stand out.

Styling options

Buy less, buy better

Styling options

For instance, take “The V Neck One Piece” in cyclamen pink. The quality of the fabric is so good that it feels gratifying to wear it and sense it on your skin. Also, the design is cool, and the fit is perfect. Therefore, you can wear it at the beach for sunbathing or swimming. But it’s so flattering and stylish that you can also wear it in town.

So try it as a top with white cotton trousers or jeans and flat shoes. And when the weather is a little cooler, put on an oversized mannish blazer or a denim jacket.

Same you can do with the other one-piece swimsuits and high waist bikinis we have selected. And if you may have any doubt, drop us a message! We are happy to answer your questions.

So, yes! You will buy lesser pieces. But you’ll take beautiful clothes you’ll love to wear, and your styling options multiply because they always stand out.

Most importantly, you don’t buy clothes to throw away quickly but timeless items that last a lifetime.
And guess what? Your wardrobe will be sustainable for real!

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The High Waist Bikini

Classy style on the beach

Today we introduce The High Waist Bikini by Cinzia Cortesi Couture.

This swimsuit is the most stylish and cool bikini. Its timeless aesthetic is retrò but fashion-forward at the same time. Indeed, it stands out for its unique design.

The High Waist bikini: essential and timeless

About the design:
Cut in a flattering shape. The bottom brief makes a point on style and elegance rather than coverage. However, you can fold it once or twice, so you will not give up your tanning while having multiple styling options.
The top is a triangle with removable padding. We appreciate this option, so we can remove the padding because we prefer a more natural look. Also, the bikini fully doubled in order to provide that couture structure.

The High Waist Bikini
The High Waist Bikini
by Cinzia Cortesi Couture

About the material:
The material is lycra sensitive, which is the top quality lycra. In fact, it’s very soft on the skin. Specifically, it is a high-quality fabric that will not wear out over time. The hand is dense and looks like a crepe. But, even if solid, it has good drying properties and is comfortable to wear.

About the colour:
Khaki green: an earth colour which is a classic shade for a timeless style.

Styling tips: wear a small chain waist belt over the bottom brief and some bangles for a pool party. Also, an unbuttoned oversized men’s shirt with rolled-up sleeves over the bikini is perfect for a lunch or aperitivo on the beach.

The High Waist Bikini is a beautiful piece of Made in Italy design.
Indeed, the figure is smooth and classy. And as the designer, Cinzia Cortesi, says – “this is not for everyone.”
We agree with her, that is why we like it even more!

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