The Damon Red Check Shirt

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Introducing The Damon Red Check Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirts from Tokyo, Japan – our top pick of the week!

Born with the idea of “7 Days Shirt”, GoodNeighbors Shirts designs pieces you can wear comfortably in your everyday outfits. Indeed, the minimalist design infused with thoughtful details offers comfortable, stylish garments #formodernhumans.

A note on the men’s shirt: it is iconic, versatile and timeless. With a perfect fit and a unisex design, this shirt transcends traditional gender boundaries, making it a stylish choice for everyone.

Discover The Damon Red Check Shirt

About the design
Well-tailored regular collar unisex shirt featuring a new wide fit designed to allow air to flow through without picking up your body lines. One side slit pocket at right, one patch pocket at chest, asymmetric hemline. The A-line slightly widens towards the hem, plus the dropped shoulders provide extra comfort. The gingham check is woven with tightly twisted yarn, providing a cool, crisp feel and a smooth texture. This durable, long-lasting genderless garment combines comfort with resilience, ensuring it remains a wardrobe staple for years to come.

Te Damon Red Check Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirts
The red Check Shirt by GoodNeighbors Shirts from Tokyo, Japan

About the material
The fabric is a soft and comfortable cotton reminiscent of hotel sheets. 
100% Cotton

About the colour
Red check: this checkered pattern adds boldness to your style, making it a focal point in your attire.

Wash by hand. Easy care product.

Styling tips
The Damon Red Check Shirt is a classic that adds timeless appeal to your style. It can be paired with various bottoms, such as jeans, black trousers, or shorts, making it a versatile piece in your wardrobe. Try it with The Kei Gardener Pants for a casual chic style, or knot it over The drawstring Dress for a more feminine outfit.

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