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A shared vision

Shop small and independent represents thoughtful choices to reclaim a sense of value. For you, but for us too. Indeed, supporting similar activities means being aligned. And sharing a vision of the world we want to live in. We contribute to defining the world by voting with our pockets. How we spend our money or don’t spend it at all – which in many cases would be great – shapes the world. And we do it all together.

For instance, we could argue against overconsumption and then offer you the same brands which are on top thanks to that production model. Instead, we prefer to do our own research and find value outside the beaten path. In fact, consistency is a value we believe in. Therefore we search for uniqueness.

Anmi: a brand with a fascinating background

shop small and independent
Anmi collections

Thinking about jewellery, the idea of supporting Anmi totally resonated with us, with the new path we have undertaken. An Italian brand located near the magical Pompeii, the ancient Roman city in Campania, close to Naples and Vesuvius. A designer with a long history in the fashion field, between Italy and France.

Exploring the Anmi archive to assemble unique pieces of jewellery was fascinating and modern at the same time. It was like going through a process and realizing that the time was ready. Sometimes we would even stop, because it made sense for a while — but always with the intention of taking a different direction.

shop small and independent
Anmi collections

The archive is vast, and what once was considered a fashion leftover regained its value fulfilling the desire for uniqueness. In this line, the concept of asymmetry stands out. Also, the packaging is minimal on purpose.

Being mindful of your consumption doesn’t mean “buy nothing” at all. It’s more about making intentional and conscious choices.
Shop small and independent!

Please, request your Anmi jewellery piece via email or DM.

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Anmi x suite123

We have known Anmi, the jewellery designer, for about twenty years or more. Usually, we met up in Paris during the accessory exhibitions where he showed his new collections every season. Known for his creativity and unique designs, Anmi had a certain following of international buyers. Specifically, Japanese retailers loved his jewels.

About Anmi jewellery line

Born in Italy, Antonio Miranda graduated as an architect in Naples and, soon after, as a designer in Paris. There, he worked as a jewellery freelance designer for several brands such as Givenchy, Kenzo, Balmain, Lecoanet-Hemant, Jacques Fath, Fendi, and others. While in Italy, he has done collaborations with haute-couture brands as Sarli and Balestra.

In 2011, he launched his own jewellery label called ANMI – a mix between French “esprit” and the Italian “know-how”. His pieces have always been very imaginative and meticulously elaborated.

The fashion field has changed a lot since then. And the new direction has not been so positive. The request for novelties became incessant. Moreover, in order to match the necessity expressed by international clients, the price range was supposed to lower down. The hypothetical need was more about competing with Chinese manufacturing rather than understanding the value of creativity and skilled artisanality.

About two years ago, in December 2019, aiming to give a new meaning to our work, together, we decided to focus on the new concepts that had to become crucial in our field. 

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Fashion had to change, so we launched our capsule collaboration: @anmi.collections X suite123 
recycle – reuse – rethink archive items reassembled to create timeless pieces for a zero-waste, eco-conscious jewellery collection. A sustainable jewellery capsule made to inspire a modern and conscious lifestyle  #formodernhumans

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Also, we believe it is relevant to connect with people who have the same vision. Who share the same ethical and respectful approach in order to support each other.

Anmi x suite123
Anmi x suite123

Indeed, we made this for you.
Please, request Anmi jewellery selection via e.mail or DM.

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Change: between reality and dream

The alleged change brought in by the pandemic, and much discussed in the fashion field, is mostly imanginary.
We had this conversation with Antonio Miranda, designer of the Anmi jewellery brand.

Antonio invited us to the Piccolo Teatro to see “Doppio Sogno” (Dream Story), by Arthur Schnitzler. Firstly, the show was amazing! Much better than Kubrick’s movie “Eyes wide shut.” Each character had multiple versions of oneself simultaneously, highlighting a dense psychoanalytical landscape. The mixed emotions in a deep flow of consciousness have made it intense.
Thank you, Ugo Fiore (assistant director and Antonio’s nephew). We really appreciate it!

However, before the show started, we exchanged some thoughts about fashion.

ANMI Collections – Made in Italy

Fashion and change

We quote Antonio Miranda:

“Those who changed because of the pandemic were already on that path before Covid19 hit. This is demonstrated by the fact that the majority of people worsened or didn’t change at all. And, look, in the fashion field, we talked a lot about change. It seemed everything had to be different the following season. Well, now the fluff is even stronger.”

According to the Anmi designer, those who changed were already sensitive to the topic. Somehow they were ready or open to it. In fact, they were on the route to make a change. Therefore, the pandemic was the last drop or an invitation.

But for the majority of people, nothing has changed. Not for the good. And fashion is stuck in the usual hot air.

Indeed, the path towards change is individual. It is a matter of awareness and perspective. But, even though a shift in attitude depends on our journey, whatever our situation may be, we can get inspired by virtuous people and activities.

A play, a book, what we buy, define the universe we want. Let’s keep the door open, search for value, support and share it. That’s how we change!

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