The real value

Sustainability must pass through the re-education to the real value of products, materials, quality, skills of those who carry out the work. Understanding and respecting the craftsmanship, the workers.

These values are the opposite of a fashion system that has taken fast food as a productive and consumption model.

If, since the explosion of fast fashion people have been pushed to buy disposable clothes, how can they understand garments that have a completely different value?
Higher value, in terms of quality, therefore a higher price.

Self-education can make a difference.

Knowledge vs an obsolete system

Knowledge is power. Being informed – educating ourselves – is fundamental in order to make conscious choices.
We love fashion, but we know there are many things to fix in the field. Since we have been part of the industry for so long, we are fed up with representing patterns that are no longer viable, representing an obsolete system.
When you are fed up with what you see, you have two options: you can sit and look at the show, or you take action. Decide to make a change.
We’ve opted for the latter. Change for the better is what we aim for.
Connecting with people who share the same vision is part of the journey.
Change for the better. We do it together.

Life is about change

Someone told us: “you’ve changed.” We were a bit surprised about that feedback since the tone of voice was like, changing is something wrong.
So, we wonder, is it possible to stay the same? always that identical you? Does this possibility exist for real?
Life itself is a journey, a process. And when you go through a process, you change. Not to mention what it means to go through a pandemic.
So yes, we’ve changed and we will keep on changing, growing, evolving. That’s life!
And we see other people feel the same, so we are here to connect with them. With you. Because, you know, life is about change.

Our Promise

We made this for those who love good design and celebrate a distinctive aesthetic. And we love sharing meaningful ideas and build strong connections.

We are not for fast fashion lovers or those who seek cheap or disposable items. Specifically, we are against the culture of waste.
Our products are for those who believe we have to respect people and the planet.

And so, we will focus on people who want to change for a better future, those who share our purpose.

We promise that engaging with us will help you become conscious of what you buy, you’ll be involved in sharing thoughtful ideas and, your style will reflect it. You’ll be unique.

Evolution & Lifestyle

Society is constantly evolving. Our lifestyle is directly connected to this, and so is the way we dress.

Since a disruptive change is forcing us to a new scenario, we feel the need to find a more meaningful way to live our life. An essential approach, a sense of authenticity, simplicity.

Getting rid of all excess, paying respect to nature and all living beings, embracing empathy.
By slowing down, we are evolving.

These values shape a progressive society #formodernhumans